Is Brandy pregnant? Bluey fans think the Heelers could be about to welcome a new cousin following the season 3 finale

Aunt Brandy's storyline has struck a chord with some viewers

Bluey and family on the porch of their house
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Eagle-eyed Bluey viewers are wondering if Aunt Brandy is pregnant, following a touching moment in the season three finale.

One of the reasons why Bluey is so popular is because it engages parents as well as kids, many of whom are drawn in by the relateable family challenges (even mega-stars Natalie Portman and Ryan Gosling have confessed to being fans). And now that the final episode of Bluey season three has aired, everyone's talking about it, as the shock revelation that the Heeler family have put their house up for sale led to panic that Bluey is ending (don't worry, the creators have promised there's more to come).

But the family move isn't the only plot twist that has surprised Bluey fans as season three comes to a close. It appears that Brandy - Bluey's maternal aunt - is pregnant. The news has surprised viewers, because previously Brandy's storyline suggested that she has struggled with infertility in the past.

Is Brandy pregnant?

Yes, Brandy appears to be pregnant. Although only shown briefly, in the 28-minute Bluey special titled 'The Sign' that wrapped up season three, Brandy and her sister Chilli, Bluey's mum, take a moment to admire her growing baby bump when the guests are arriving for a wedding.

At this stage at least, there's no explanation around Brandy's pregnancy. We don't know who the father is, whether she plans to raise a child on her own, or how she overcame the fertility issues she was apparently struggling with earlier in the season.

What we do know is that Brandy's future child would be the third cousin to Bluey and Bingo, but the first on their mother's side. Their other cousins, Muffin and Socks, are the children of Bandit's brother, Stripe. But as Bandit and Stripe's oldest brother, Rad, married Frisky in 'The Sign', the extended family could grow even more in future episodes.

Is Aunt Brandy infertile?

In the series three episode 'Onesies', Bluey tackled the issue of infertility by introducing the character Brandy, who was unable to have a baby of her own. The episode explained that Brandy and Chilli didn't spend much time together, because Brandy found it difficult to be around the family.

It's evident during the episode that Brandy finds being around Bluey and Bingo awkward, and later Bluey asks her mum why Brandy is sad and why they've only seen her once in their lives.

Over a montage of Brandy playing with Bingo, Chilli alludes that her sister can't have children by saying: "There's something aunty Brandy wants more than anything as well but she can't have it, and there's not really anything anyone can do."

However, it's not made clear exactly why Brandy has been unable to have a child of her own.

Either way, the storyline has struck a chord with Bluey fans. One wrote on X (formerly Twitter), "As someone who walked Brandy's path, I could jump for joy for her." Another said, "Cried [because] Chilli’s sister Brandy got pregnant after years of infertility and I feel hopeful and also jealous of a cartoon dog".

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