James Norton’s Cbeebies Bedtime Story will teach kids about living with chronic illness - and a health expert says the story is ‘important’ for all kids to hear

To mark Diabetes Week, the children's programme will shed light on living with the illness

James Norton
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Cbeebies Bedtime Story are marking Diabetes Week with a special episode where James Norton will read a story about diabetes and how to manage it - and experts say the show is a great way to start teaching kids about chronic illness. 

There are so many incredible TV shows out there for kids to watch, from Bluey, whose popularity is still soaring, to the Gladiators reboot that many 90s kids are now watching with their own children. 

But CBeebies Bedtime Story, the children's channel's long-running series that sees celebrities read kids bedtime stories, is a long-time favourite for many families. And in a special episode set to air this week to mark Diabetes Week, the story is not only an intriguing listen but will also teach kids vital information about chronic illness. 

Actor James Norton, best known for his work on the popular TV show Happy Valley, will take to the show to read How to Manage a Mammoth, a children's book about living with diabetes written by Dr Rose Stewart, a clinical psychologist at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. 

The story was created in collaboration with NHS Wales and aims to help families who are living with diabetes come to terms with accepting and managing the illness. 

James Norton, who has type-one diabetes himself, will read the story of 8-year-old Jake and take kids along as Jake learns to live with his diabetes by thinking of it as a mammoth called Mel. 

The plot sees Jake, his Mum, and their friends try various ways to shrink Mel the mammoth to a manageable size that doesn't stop Jake from living his life, teaching kids at home how they can do the same.

One expert believes that this story can not only help kids with diabetes themselves, but also help all children understand and come to terms with the illnesses of family members and friends, whether that's diabetes or another life-long condition, by opening up the chance for conversation. 

"It's important that Cbeebies are highlighting that it's ok to ask questions," Sharon Olivero-Chapman, CEO and founder or Harrienna Health told us here at GoodTo.com

"If you're not sure or are scared about a loved one or close friend's illness, it's ok to reach out and tell them how you feel and offer them any help you can. If it's the child that has the disease themselves, then again it's making sure they know its ok to ask questions, to talk to people about their disease openly and not be afraid to ask for advice from others

"Children feel a great sense of pride when helping others so for Cbeebies to encourage this in their messaging is important."

CBeebies Bedtime Story is on each weekday at 6.50 pm on CBeebies and BBC iPlayer and James Norton’s episode will air on CBeebies at 6.50pm on Friday 14 June.

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