Joe Wicks divides fans as he praises wife for upping her post-baby fitness

"This post has really triggered me"

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Joe Wick's latest Instagram post praising his wife's post-baby fitness efforts has sparked debate from fans.

The 37-year-old personal trainer shared a photo of himself and his wife Rosie, 32, posing together after a gym workout in Santa Monica, alongside additional videos of Rosie training and lifting weights. 

Joe dedicated the post to his partner and the hard work she's put into exercising again following the birth of their third child - son Leni, who arrived in September 2022.

"So proud of Rosie. I think she looks absolutely phenomenal. She exercised all the way through her pregnancy with Leni and has really stepped up her training in the last 6 months to rebuild her strength," he wrote.

"There is no doubt genetics has an impact and plays a role but but I’ve seen her work so hard to rebuild her strength and fitness. She’s lifting heavier weights than ever and is in the best physical and mental shape of her life."

A proud Joe added that Rosie has kept to her exercise routine whilst raising their newborn, which at times has had it's challenging moments.

"What’s more impressive is Leni has never slept through the night and since 4 months old continues to wake multiple times through the night. She still makes the commitment to a healthy and active lifestyle and when she does train she really pushes herself and I admire her for that."

The fitness star shared details of Rosie's current workout schedule, which involves lifting heavy weights "3 times a week for around 45 mins". "If you want to try some strength workouts download the @bodycoachapp and give the “Strength Week Challenge” a try," the caption ends.

Joe's followers were quick to react to the post, with many praising the mum-of-three as "amazing" and an "inspiration". However, whilst others appreciated Joe's sentiment of sharing pride for his wife, they were concerned that it put pressure on mothers to up their fitness levels.

"Not taking away from the fact that Rosie looks amazing and has worked hard... However as a single parent to two, with a history of mental health difficulties, who is woken up aaaaaaall night by my youngest, I try my hardest to carve out as much time for exercise as physically possible as I love it and it helps me feel good," commented one Instagram user.

"For me, this seems to miss the point that she is in a privileged position financially, with unlimited access to state of the art gyms and equipment...not to mention your very own FREE personal trainer 24/7."

Another agreed, stating that the post "has really triggered me". "She looks amazing but as a Mum of 3 who exercised to the end of every pregnancy also and started back at 4 weeks pp all 3 times, I still struggle finding the time/energy/money and have struggled with my pp body. Not everyone has childcare with a free personal trainer/ chef."

A fellow commenter defended Joe but echoed similar sentiments: "It’s not a bad post from Joe and yes you should be proud of her , she’s your wife and freedom of speech and all that but I think a lot of people realistically haven’t got the time or the support to manage this x"

Joe and Rosie are currently on holiday in America, with the dad taking to his Instagram stories to share his excitement at attending music festival Coachella. "Team No Kids. 4 Days," he wrote, sharing a photo of the couple with friends in a minibus on route to the festival in Indio, California.

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