MAFS UK star Jess Potter claims this heartbreaking discovery kick-started her trust issues

Married At First Sight's Jess Potter has opened up about alleged incident that started her trust issues.

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Married at First Sight (MAFS) star Jess Potter has opened up on the alleged heartbreaking reason she has trust issues in relationships.

The dental hygienist appeared on the 2022 series of MAFS (opens in new tab) and during her time on the show she claimed she caught her boyfriend having sex with her stepmother of 25 years, Veronica.  

Jess, 31, admitted it had left her with trust issues but has now given further detail about the alleged betrayal which happened in 2018 - three months after purchasing their home while she was visiting her dad and stepmum at their house, where her brother and sister also lived. 

In an interview with The Sun (opens in new tab), Jess claimed, "We were pretty serious when we were together. We had just got a mortgage and he was even planning on proposing to me. We had long term plans."

In her accusations she recalled the moment she found them sleeping together, after leaving him drinking downstairs with her stepmum. "I woke up at around 5am and realised my boyfriend still hadn't come up to bed. So I went to go and look for him as I thought it was really strange," she claimed. 

Jess explained how she went downstairs and saw the rarely used dining room door open and could see two glasses, two piles of clothes, and handprints on the table.

Jess alleged, "I saw him sleeping on the sofa under a blanket and I ran to him and pulled the blanket off him screaming. He then pulled up her lacy pants instead of his own! I was in complete shock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing."

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Jess reportedly told her dad what had happened which caused him to shout at her stepmum, which really upset her sister, who was aged 13 at the time. 

Jess claimed she was so traumatised that she wrote a suicide note and had to have therapy and go on medication.

She also claimed her father and stepmother separated. 

Since then, Jess has tried to look for love on the E4 show, Jess was paired with Pjay Finch and while he declared his feelings for her sadly Jess was not interested in pursuing romance. She has now found a new partner she is happy with. 

Jess' stepmother declined to comment when approached by The Sun.  

Jess' step-mum Veronica was asked for comment but said, "I don't want to talk about it”.

Jess' ex-boyfriend Danny said:, "It’s been five years; I’m not going into this again."