MAFS UK cast: Meet the 2022 Married at First Sight couples

Their matrimonial journeys have just begun

MAFS UK couples posing in a group shot together
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Meet the Married at First Sight UK 2022 contestants looking for their happily ever after in series 7.

Many were left directionless after Married at First Sight 2021 finished, with the popular reality wedding series taking up most weekday evenings. But luckily the wait wasn't for long - with those Married At First Sight Australia couples entertaining us during the hiatus - until Married at First Sight UK started again.

Season 7 has introduced us to 16 new faces to familiarise yourself with - featuring everyone from a Dreamboy performer to a body contouring business owner. We give you the lowdown on the 2022 couples so far, plus the individual brides and grooms. (And whilst you're here - this is what you need to know about who is still together from Married at First sight UK and the MAFS UK Christmas Reunion).

Confirmed MAFS UK 2022 couples

Kasia and Kwame

MAFS UK couple Kasia and Kwame on their wedding day

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It's safe to say that viewers felt for Kasia, after groom Kwame's unwarranted comments about her appearance and not being his type. 

He told the cameras that he "more often than not goes for someone more petite". And in another comment - in the presence of his in-laws - said that Kasia wasn’t "everything" he was looking for.

Kasia's family hit back at the groom's suggestion that the honeymoon was just a "holiday" for him, reminding the businessman that their "daughter's heart was on the line" for this experiment. And that he should be similarly as commited.

Despite the brush offs, Kasia remained optimistic, telling Kwame that she was "looking forward to spending the night with you." However, the groom was quick to clarify that no intimate acts were to take place that evening - resulting in a hilarious facial reaction from Kasia which inadvertantly led to her being added to the MAFS UK's meme hall of fame.

What prompted such a response? "Having sex and getting intimate can cloud your judgment. I think it is an important thing to understand that we are not here for foolishness, we are here for realness," Kwame told his new wife. 

And true to his word, the two did not get intimate that evening with the groom asking Kasia if the two could sleep in separate beds for the night (him taking the four-poster bed of course, leaving Kasia to the pull-out bed!).

Viewers are rooting for Kasia, but is a change from Kwame too much to expect? 

Lara and Richie

MAFS UK couple Lara and Richie on their wedding day

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Lara and Richie's relationship got off to a rough start shortly after their ceremony - with some of Richie's home truths signalling alarm bells for bride Lara. 

Richie shared that he still lives at home with his parents and has never had a long-term relationship before. The admission prompted Lara to tell the cameras: "It’s worrying to be at our age and never to have a serious relationship or felt in love."

However it wasn't long before the tables had turned and Richie was experiencing some cold feet of his own. His 49-year-old bride opened up about being a mother. She asked Richie: "Is it worrying for you that I have kids?" to which Richie replied: "No, not at all. No."

In a later one-on-one with cameras, he added: "I won’t fool myself to say that’s an easy thing to hear. It’s quite a big thing."

Here's hoping the honeymoon will help put to bed any lingering doubts between these two.

Jenna and Zoe

MAFS UK couple Jenna and Zoe walking down the aisle

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MAFS UK's first female same-sex couple seem to be getting on swimmingly. So much so that fans of the show saw bride Jenna feel comfortable in opening up to Zoe about a particularly personal matter. 

Jenna revealed she has alopecia - something she was diagnosed with aged 12 after a car accident. "I got knocked down by a car and the trauma made my hair start falling out. It’s been so long and so many years dealing with it, and I know my hair doesn’t define me and I’m happy in my own skin.

"I know that someone who gets to know me will get to know everything about me and that’s one little factor," she added. Partner Zoe was quick to reassure Jenna though, admitting that she fancied her and didn't see it as an issue. 

"I know that I’m initially attracted to her. I think they’ve matched me with the perfect stranger," the smug bride shared with cameras. The heartwarming moment went down a storm with viewers online, with some calling them the 'perfect match'. Expectations are therefore high for this pairing.

Jess and Pjay

MAFS UK couple Jess and Pjay on their wedding day

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It's been one rejection after another for poor groom Pjay. Things were going well on their wedding day until the Dreamboys entertainer shared his profession with his new wife. 

Pjay began by asking her "not to judge" his job, however the confession left Jess lost for words: "I don’t know what to say.” "I don't want to go out with a stripper," an unimpressed and sobbing Jess later added to camera. The admission left the new bride threatening to ditch their upcoming honeymoon altogether.

Luckily Jess changed her mind - but relations between the two didn't improve as had hoped. The bride went on to share that she was lacking a 'romantic spark' with her partner - shortly after rejecting Pjay's offer of a massage.

Some hopes of a renewed connection came later in the episode though, when Jess opened up on her experience of having been cheated on by a former partner. "It’s things like that, that get me so mad," Pjay responded. "You’re a good person, everyday we’ve had here, everyday gets better, you’re wonderful."

Pjay added that this had helped him understand his bride some more, though he was still confused as to where they stood as a couple. He told the camera: "I’m starting to like Jess more everyday, but I’m worried I could get hurt, I just want to find out exactly where we are and what the future holds. I just want to hear it from her."

George and April

Married at First sight couple George and April

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Former Miss Great Britain April certainly blew George away with her beauty on their wedding day. And the two even managed to smooth over a slight hitch when George revealed his full-time role as a father of four. 

Following their wedding photos, the two headed for a chat in the garden. "Is it just you?" he asked April, to which she replied yes and "I'm not sure if I want children. Do you?". The 32-year-old was then taken slightly a-back when George replied: "I have four. I have three girls and one man."

All however did not seem lost, as April promised George she would be willing to still give him a chance. But it seems the challenges are far from over for these two - as a honeymoon preview suggests.

"April’s been intimate with somebody else," George tells the camera in one shocking teaser. "I’ve been cheated on. F***." he adds, before storming out of shot. The clip left many viewers online confused and outraged: "Did he just say April was intimate with someone else?! ON THEIR HONEYMOON?" tweeted one. It looks like we'll have to watch more to learn the full story. 

Adrian and Thomas

Married at First sight couple Adrian and Thomas

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It wasn't exactly love at first sight for Thomas when he saw his new husband walking down the aisle. Blonde-haired Adrian was compared to H from Steps and TV presenter Clare Balding by his groom - which didn't exactly make for the best start. "I’ve never dated someone who was blonde. I didn’t anticipate that I would be marrying Clare Balding!" he said.

Things escalated further when Adrian's best friend Kate started questioning Thomas about his intentions, which led to Adrian having to step in and ask his pal to keep out of it. 

The rocky start doesn't look to be over yet either, with a preview for the honeymoon showing a row between the two grooms.

Whitney and Duka

Married at First sight couple Whitney and Duka

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Bride Whitney made it clear that Duka did not tick her boxes appearance-wise, brutally quipping: "I wanted a man who’s a man that’s towering over me, like massive, like a brick house. Compared to a house, maybe he’s a shed." Though thankfully his beard seemed to meet her standards.

The uncomfortable viewing continued into the vows, with Whitney interrupting Duka whilst he voiced his. She reluctantly delivered her vows, before the two pecked on the cheek and walked down the aisle as husband and wife. Some at home watching were left stunned at Whitney's thoughts post-ceremony, where she declared: "This is the worst thing I’ve ever done in my f***ing life."

As if things couldn't get any worse, Whitney went on to call her new husband a "showman" for having thanked the guests for attending their - awkward - nuptials. It seems Duka is yet to catch a break with Whitney, so here's hoping time away together on an intimate honeymoon will be the respite these two need.

Jordan and Chanita

Married at First sight couple Jordan and Chanita

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Sparks flew and laughter flowed at the altar between Jordan and his new wife Chanita. "She's beautiful, She's just my type, she's got a bit of craic about her. So yeah i'm happy," Jordan told the cameras. And it seems that many of his family and friends agreed, with many a teary eye seen in the chapel. 

"From this day forward I promise to share my life with you - which I understand also means sharing the covers and the last slice of pizza," Chanita shared whilst reading out her vows. To which, Jordan replied Yes with a hearty laugh. 

Chanita's mum also saw the connection immediately between the two: "I really like that they're laughing and joking and there's a natural, easy, humour between them".

Post-wedding the two seem as smitten as ever, with a teaser for Wednesday's episode showing Jordan getting quite excited over a massage from his new missus. 

MAFS UK Cast members 2022: Who's who

1. Adrian

profile picture of Adrian from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 37 | From: Manchester | Instagram: @Adriansanderson

Cheeky Northern chap Adrian is a full time digital designer and former serial dater. After three years of dating around, he's now looking for something serious and is hoping that his MAFS journey will see him matched with an upbeat, funny and adventurous character. 

Trust and respect are two other importanyt qualities Adrian is seeking in a future relationship - having previously felt that people have taken advantage of his nice guy persona. 

2. April

profile picture of April from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 32 | From: London | Instagram: @aprilbanbury

Dress designer and former Miss GB Amy describes herself as driven and ambitious when it comes to love. Hoping to shake off the 'always the bridal designer, never the bride’ line her friends joke about, Amy is hoping the experts will pair her with someone who is similarly as independent and likes to live-live-to-the-full. 

Her biggest no-no? Someone who doesn't love cheese!

3. Chanita

profile picture of Chanita from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 29 | From: Derby | Instagram: @chanita__x

Caring, loyal and protective are the three best words to describe social worker Chanita. She's quick to make friends wherever she goes but hasn't had the same success in her love life.

Chanita came out of a 10-year relationship two years ago but now feels ready and excited to meet the one. Her goal? To be happily married with a family and a stable home in the not-too-distant future. 

4. Duka

profile picture of Duka from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 31 | From: Birmingham | Instagram: @dukacav

Yugoslavian-born Duka is no stranger to challenges. He left his homeland behind to escape conflict, arriving in the UK aged 10 unable to speak a word of English. There's no doubt that his experiences have shaped who he is today, and Duka openly admits he's struggled to open up to partners emotionally as a result.

Enter Married at First Sight UK 2022 and their expert panel who have been tasked with finding Duka an 'Instagram girl' who loves art, poetry and deep conversations.

5. George

profile picture of George from Married at First Sight UK 2022

(Image credit: Channel 4/Matt Monfredi Ltd)

Age: 40 | From: Worcester | Instagram: @george__roberts__

Financial advisor George is an old romantic and family man at heart. The 40-year-old is a dad of four who has struggled to find something special with someone since his divorce. 

He's seeking a companian to suit his countryside life - asking the experts for a partner who excites him, keeps him on his toes and is open emotionally.

6. Jenna

profile picture of Jenna from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 32 | From: Blackpool | Instagram: @jennarobo

She's the Zero Waste small business owner that boasts a big personality and strong views. Jenna always hated the traditional concept of marriage, disliking the idea
that a woman traditionally takes the man’s name.

She's seeking a soulmate who wants to find love, commit to someone and build a long life together.

7. Jess

profile picture of Jess from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 31 | From: Cambridgeshire | Instagram: @jesspotter_xx

Life is all about laughing and enjoying yourself, says Jess - a dental hygenist who describes herself as unique, weird, fun and outgoing. She's hoping for a partner in crime who comes with just as much energy as her - be that table dancing or something equally as silly. 

She admits to jumping into relationships too soon in the past - and credits this as the reason she's still single today. But here's hoping the experts work their magic to deliver a perfect partner for Jess - who must be open to the occassional Harry Potter marathon. 

8. Jordan

profile picture of Jordan from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 29 | From: Darlington | Instagram: @jordanemmettconnelly

He's an account manager seeking someone with a sense of adventure and spontaneity. A self-titled "catch" - Jordan is a homeowner with a good job who loves to cook and spend time with the family. We're definitely getting "Mummy Boy" vibes.

Whilst Jordan ticks a lot of boxes, he readily admits that his check list of attributes in a partner is perhaps why he hasn't yet found the girl of his dreams. Here's hoping the MAFS experts can deliver someone who is also after love and a real connection.

9. Kasia

profile picture of Kasia from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 36 | From: London | Instagram: @beginswithak

Businesswoman Kasia is used to bossing life when it comes to work and motherhood. But it's a man who can take the lead that she's hoping to gain from her Married at First Sight 2022 experience.

Determined with a capital D, she left school at 16 to have her first child and has worked hard since to build up her successful body contouring business she runs today.

10. Kwame

profile picture of Kwame from Married at First Sight UK 2022

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Age: 42 | From: London | Instagram: