Nadia Sawalha reveals exciting marriage plans as she re-proposes to husband Mark

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  • Loose Women regular, Nadia Sawalha, has confirmed she and husband Mark Adderley are set to renew their vows after 18 years of marriage.

    Nadia, 55, revealed that she popped the question during a podcast about Valentine’s Day.

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    She told her fellow Loose Women panellists that she said; “I would really like to ask you if you would like to renew your vows with me.”

    To which Mark replied, “Aww, you’re a funny one aren’t you.”

    Despite tying the knot after just six months of knowing each other back in 2002, Mark joked that he’d have to “think about it” marrying her again.


    But he quickly redeemed himself, saying, “I would love to, oh my god, of course I would love to.”

    The couple have two children together – Kiki, 12, and Maddy, 17 – and are very open and honest about the trials and tribulations of their relationship both on their YouTube channel and their new podcast, Confessions of a Modern Parent.

    As well as the regular marriage hurdles, Nadia and Mark’s relationship has often suffered at the hands of her fame. Which Mark claims “destroyed” his ability to show his affection in public.

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    “I feel there have been very different pressures on us that have made it difficult for us to indulge in any public displays of affection, conscious or unconscious,” Mark said. “One of them is your profile and the fact that you are off the telly.”


    Nadia went on to admit that people think their relationship is terrible because they never sugar coat the truth. “People think we have the worst marriage on the planet because we talk honestly about it but we don’t,” she explained.

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    Despite people thinking they “weren’t going to make it,” Nadia and Mark are keen to prove them wrong.

    “A lot of people at our wedding didn’t think we were going to make it,” she admitted.

    And this time they are going to do it properly. “We were both workaholics, Mark went back to work two days into the honeymoon and then my mum came on the honeymoon with me so we’ve always wanted to do it [renew our vows].”

    We’ll get a hat!