Viewers aren't happy with Phillip Schofield’s show How To Spend It Well at Christmas

Viewers took to Twitter

Consumer advice show How to Spend It Well at Christmas has returned for three festive episodes with Phillip Schofield at the helm.

But it seems people on Twitter have been quick to criticise the revamp, particularly in terms of it not being representative of different socio-economic backgrounds in the UK.

The show is designed to help shoppers buy for their families and friends. It invites celebrity guests, experts and members of the public to test Christmas gifts out for both quality and value for money.

One person tweeted that How To Spend It Well at Christmas wasn’t inclusive of different types of families.

They said, 'This show misses the mark. Very middle class 2.4 children families with pricey toys. No low earning, single parents.

'@EamonnHolmes & @RuthLangford0 could do this show as an extension to their other one. They're grounded about what's worth hard earned £££! #howtospenditwell'.

Another agreed saying, 'Another repeat - how millionaires spend well at Christmas - people in poverty and one parent families, time to switch over to something more relevant!'

Someone else took to Twitter to call out the show on its prices.

She said, 'Who is spending that much on stocking fillers??!!! #howtospenditwell'.

Another user commented on the reaction from the kids featured on the show, saying they were ungrateful for presents that lots of children would be thrilled to receive.

She said, 'Felt sick watching those kids throwing £50-£90 toys on #howtospenditwell the kids that would love those toys & ungrateful brats are throwing and kicking them about!!'

One Twitter user was keen to point out the materialistic nature of the show and offered an alternative solution to buying new presents every year.

They said, 'Imagine the difference we could make to the Christmases of all the children living in #childpoverty if we all brought 1 less thing this year for our families and instead donated food or toys to a food bank? #Dispatches #Christmas2019 #howtospenditwell #foodbanks #shopforothers.'

The three festive episodes are currently available to watch on ITV Hub.

Lizzie Thomson
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