Are you or your kids smart enough to crack Prince George’s Eton entry test? Try these 3 questions (and we won’t judge if you peek at the answers, we had to)

Examples of questions he will have answered in his tests include verbal reasoning, maths and non-verbal reasoning

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Sample questions taken from an Eton entry test like the one Prince George would have sat have been unearthed, and we think they're tough.

Stages of child development are monitored through physical milestones children meet and mental milestones too. They are often tested throughout their school life, from Baseline and Phonics Tests to SATs, GCSE, AS and A-Levels. Last Year Rishi Sunak announced plans to scrap A-Levels with a new qualification set to replace T-Levels and A-Levels.

Royal kids are no different when it comes to sitting tests. Prince George, who had his first taste of boarding school life when he visited Eton College with his parents Prince William and Kate Middleton last year, would have sat an entry test as part of the application to attend when he reaches the age of 13.

While Kensington Palace is yet to confirm whether Prince George is going to attend the boarding school that his father and Prince Harry both went to, the youngster is known to have taken the first set of exams students are required to pass to apply to study there.

At the time Prince William revealed Kate was "helping George through his first set of major exams" as he addressed the Earthshot prize in Singapore solo, giving the reason for his wife's absence from the trip.

The ISEB (The Independent Schools Examinations Board) pre-test exams he sat are said to be similar to the 11+ and focus on English, Maths, Verbal and Non-verbal reasoning. And some examples of Eton entry tests have been unearthed on Would you or your kids be able to do them and get them right? (no peeking at the answers, but you can phone a friend and share the article at the end if you wish)

Eton entry test sample questions [ISEB common Pre-test]

Question 1: Verbal reasoning: Crack the letter code


The alphabet can help with this question. You need to find the code for a word. Choose the answer from the five options.


If the code for BEST is FAWP, what is the code for WISE?






Question 2: Maths age word problem

Jack was x years old four years ago. How old will he be six years from now?






Question 3

non-verbal reasoning test

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James Mitchell, co-founder of Think Tutors, previously told OK! that if Prince George has passed the ISEB exams with a decent mark, his application to Eton will probably continue - if that's where his parents have decided to send him.

"Providing he scores 124ish on the test, it is likely he will be invited back for the Eton test," he said.

If Prince George passes the tests with a strong score he will then have to pass Eton's exams at some time this spring. He will also have to pass an interview at the school and will need a glowing reference from his current headteacher at Lambrook School.

And if you're wondering how you did, here are the correct answers: Q1 = AEWA Q2 = x+10 Q3 = B.

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