Body language expert unpicks Prince William's TikTok debut as Kate Middleton appears ‘relaxed’ on first day of US visit

Prince William showed ‘genuine passion’ in his TikTok debut while he and Kate appeared ‘relaxed’ in first US visit in 8 years.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
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Prince William showed 'genuine passion' in his TikTok debut, according to body language expert who also says Kate Middleton appeared 'relaxed' during the first day of their US visit.

Prince William's first official appearance in a TikTok video showed his ‘genuine passion’, body language expert Darren Stanton has revealed, while Kate Middleton appeared 'relaxed' at Basketball game during their Boston trip.

The Prince and Princess of Wales arrived in the US on Wednesday for Earthshot Prize awards in Boston and during the first leg of their trip, Darren, speaking on behalf of Slingo, has spoken about Prince William’s appearance in his first-ever TikTok as well as their appearance at a basketball game in the city.

It comes after Camilla Queen consort appeared 'anxious' around the couple at the State dinner.

Commenting on Prince William’s TikTok debut showing ‘genuine’ passion for environmental causes, Darren said, "It’s clear that like his father, Prince William has got his own passion for the environment and appearing in a TikTok is a very significant occurrence. We haven’t seen King Charles or another senior member of the Royal Family taking such a proactive, highly visible role on such a platform promoting what could be construed as a political topic. However, he is very happy to be involved in social media campaigns to promote his involvement in the prize."

The clip shows Prince William speaking to camera before creatively placing it on the ground and putting his foot over the lens to launch a teaser clip of all the Earthshot Prize nominees. 

Darren continued, "In the video, William has clearly had a lot of fun filming for the clip despite it being so brief as he flashes lots of genuine smiles and happiness. It’s clear he is taking part because he truly believes and is passionate about these issues and not because it is fashionable or the right thing to do for perception, he actually wants to be involved and take an active part in these processes like his father."


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Meanwhile, Darren has given his analysis of Prince William and Kate's 'relaxed' basketball game attendance, in which he comments on Prince displaying ‘unusual’ and ‘animated gestures’.

The couple attended an NBA basketball match in the US state of Massachusetts and having observed their actions, Darren noted, "Kate was clearly having a great time together with William at the basketball game as she looked engaged at everything going on again while chatting jovially with him, making very genuine gestures of happiness and joy. 

She continued to explain, "Out of all of the seven main expressions - happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise, contempt or disgust - happiness is the most faked emotion by people because we adopt a smile to mask anxiety, irritation, sadness and an array of other emotions. However, with Kate she always flashes a smile that shows true, genuine emotion which tells us she is happy to be in that environment and to be speaking to other people."

And when comparing the couple to their public appearances some years ago, Darren claimed, "They seemed to be more nervous and relied upon each other for support. Now they have gained such confidence as both individuals and in the Royal Family. At the Boston Celtics game we could see lots of animated hand gestures from William when he was talking to somebody by his side. This is quite unusual for Prince William who is generally a pretty quiet person with muted body language. So, this change tells me that he is completely at ease and very comfortable in his surroundings, being confident and passionate.

He added, "Likewise, Kate was relaxed too as she was seen laughing and joking with the person to her side in a very natural way."

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