Harry and Meghan to be ’shunted down the ladder’ as they face awkward situation with the Queen

Harry and Meghan may not be welcomed with open arms...

Harry and Meghan
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Harry and Meghan are returning to UK next month, but the highly anticipated trip is thought to have been 'shunted down the list of priorities.'

  • Prince Harry and Meghan will visit Manchester and London to work with “charities close to their hearts.”
  • But with the Queen's busy schedule, the Sussexes visit will not be top priority.
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Earlier this week, it was confirmed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will visit the UK in September. A spokesperson for the couple said: "Prince Harry and Meghan, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are delighted to visit with several charities close to their hearts in early September."

The Sussexes visit to the UK will be the first time they have been back since the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in early June. 

However, with a busy royal schedule, Harry and Meghan's visit will not be a priority for the Queen, says Daniela Elser, the royal writer for Australian website news.com.au. 

Their visit to Manchester on 5 September is the same day the Conservative Party will announce the next Prime Minister. And the Queen traditionally meets the new PM soon afterwards. 

Daniela said: "The Palace has already confirmed that the sovereign will interrupt her summer holiday in Balmoral to return to London for the change in leadership and as is usual will meet with not only the new PM but outgoing Johnson as well.

“Not only will this ensure that the Sussexes high-wattage return will be unceremoniously shunted down the ladder into second or third place on the day, this also sets the stage for a potentially very awkward situation with the Queen.” 

Meghan and Harry are likely to stay in their former royal residence, Frogmore Cottage, during their visit to the UK. 

This means that the couple could be just a nine-minute walk away from the Queen’s primary residence, Windsor Castle. 

Daniela added: “If the situation comes to pass that both the Queen and the Netflix dabblers find themselves only minutes drive away from one another and the nonagenarian does not make any effort to see them, then it will be nothing short of abjectly humiliating for the duo.

“If the Duke and Duchess do fly 8500km around the globe only to be cold-shouldered by Her Majesty, it would be a stinging PR blow; a blow that is unlikely to impress their Netflix paymasters. 

“After all, disaffected, self-exiled former HRHs who the amiable, widely-loved Queen won’t see make for a much harder sell to audiences.”

Let's hope the royals make some time to see each other!

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