The Queen's hilarious response to finding this dead creature in her dinner

The Queen's hilarious response reportedly came in the form of a surprising note after her salad contained an unexpected addition...

Queen's hilarious response to a surprising creature in her salad revealed, seen here celebrating the start of her Platinum Jubilee
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The Queen reportedly once had a hilarious response to finding a “dead” creature in her dinner and sent back a note, a former royal servant claimed. 

There’s always been fascination surrounding the Royal Family’s favourite foods and the traditions and protocols that are said to influence their food preferences like the Queen’s strange pasta rule to the Queen’s morbid rule for sandwiches. The Queen has long been said to enjoy healthy balanced meals and some have even suggested she sticks to seasonal ingredients. Though according to a former palace servant there was once a rather undesirable addition to Her Majesty’s salad. And thanks to a habit she and the late Prince Philip are said to have shared, the Queen’s hilarious response came in the form of a note…

As reported by OK!, former palace servant Charles Oliver spilled the culinary beans about royal dinner times in his book, Dinner at Buckingham Palace. In it, Charles is said to have explained that the Queen once found a “dead” creature in her salad- and her response is hilarious!

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The former servant claimed that both the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh, to whom she was married for 73 years, both enjoyed keeping a notebook beside their plates. This way the monarch and Philip could provide useful feedback on their meals to the chef who cooked it afterwards. Though on one occasion the note was allegedly accompanied by the “dead body” of a slug that had been found in her meal.  

"Once, on a torn-off top sheet the footmen found the dead body of a slug,” Oliver claimed, before going on to describe a note the monarch reportedly sent with it, alleging it read, “I found this in the salad - could you eat it?"

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The Queen’s sense of humour certainly shone through in her response to the slug in her salad and it’s not the first time she’s showcased her wittiness over the years.

The Queen apparently once “shrieked” with laughter at a very rude joke and according to the BBC, royal historian Robert Lacey once described her humour as often being “self-deprecating” and “mildly making fun of herself.” 

He alleged that once a politician had to switch their phone off after it rang during a private conversation with the Queen, claiming that she responded quickly, “I hope it wasn't someone important."

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Meanwhile, Prince Harry was asked during an interview with Today earlier this year what the best thing about his royal grandmother is and gave a very sweet reply, praising her humour.

"Her sense of humour. Her ability to see the humour in so many different things,” he declared warmly. "We have a really special relationship. We talk about thing she can't really talk about with anybody else so that is always a nice piece to her.'  

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