King Charles fans divided as royal protocol is 'broken' during The Repair Shop

Royal fans are divided over one particular part of King Charles' episode of The Repair Shop

King Charles fans divided - King Charles III and Jay Blades pictured outside The Repair Shop
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Royal fans pointed out the moment Jay Blades 'broke' royal protocol during King Charles' appearance on The Repair Shop. 

King Charles was welcomed to the barn on The Repair Shop (opens in new tab) to take part in a special show to mark the 100 years of the BBC.

The monarch appeared on the show on Wednesday night (26th October 2022) with two Royal heirlooms that he wanted the team of experts to grant a makeover.

But during the episode, fans noticed that royal protocol was broken by the team. Towards the end of the episode, Jay Blades (opens in new tab) handed King Charles a cup of tea in a HRH mug, to which he replied, "I don't believe it. Just what I needed."

The gesture prompted Jay to place his hand on the monarch's upper arm - a move that is usually forbidden towards any member of the royal family as he responded, "Pleasure."

But it is thought that King Charles felt comfortable with the touching as he proceeded to place his hand on Jay's back as he asked him how he was doing.

But eagle-eyed viewers have spoken out about the 'break' in protocol.

One tweeted, "I love the repair shop but Jay, please stop touching him. He's the King!"

Another viewer put, "Sorry, Jay Blades is getting on my wick. Keeps touching KC like they are old chums!"

"Stop touching the King," one more penned. 

If you missed the show, you can watch the alleged protocol 'breaking' greeting in the clip below. 

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But some fans have praised the monarch and the popular host for how relaxed they looked, whether it was allowed or not.

One fan said, "I love how relaxed Jay and HRH are both in this scene!"

And another viewer agreed, "I love this, like two old pals having a chat. Will be watching later." 

Traditionally members of the public are encouraged to keep physical contact with royals to a minimum but the Royal Family's official website states there are "no obligatory codes of behaviour" when it comes to greeting a member of the royal family.

Jay Blades greets King Charles III with a cup of tea in The Repair Shop

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King Charles also revealed on the show the hilarious prank his grandmother, the Queen Mother used to make in the dining room.

You can watch King Charles' appearance on The Repair Shop on the BBC iPlayer now.