King Charles III reveals hilarious prank his grandmother, the Queen Mother, pulled in the dining room

The Monarch has opened up on his family love of clocks and explained how they made mealtimes 'enjoyable'.

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King Charles II has revealed the hilarious prank his grandmother, the Queen mother, used to pull that caused havoc at mealtimes.

King Charles III has revealed a hilarious prank his grandmother, the Queen Mother, used to do in Buckingham Palace that made mealtimes 'enjoyable'.

The monarch has explained why clocks hold a special place in the hearts of the Royal Family as he stars in a special episode of The Repair Shop (opens in new tab).

The show is renowned for repairing precious items belonging to members of the public and King Charles takes along two items to have repaired by the experts and he chats to presenters (opens in new tab) about their importance - an 18th-century bracket clock and a piece made for Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee by British ceramics maker Wemyss Ware.

Speaking on the show about his grandmother, the Queen Mother, and how he got his passion for clocks from her, he explained, "To me, I just love the sound, the tick-tock but also if they chime, that’s why I love grandfather clocks. I find it rather reassuring in a funny way and they become really special parts of the house… the beating heart of it. So that’s why they matter to me.

"I’m afraid it is something I learnt from my grandmother, she had great fun putting a few together and trying to get them to chime at the same time in the dining room, which made it very enjoyable because everybody had to stop talking." 

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The clock that Charles is having repaired got damaged as it fell over while someone opened a window, and he jokingly added, "They didn’t own up."

In a first-look clip from the show,  experts Kirsten Ramsay, Steve Fletcher and Will Kirk are on the case to restore the beloved items, with Charles joking, "Have you sorted this? The suspense is killing me," before appearing to laugh with joy over the big reveal.

Speaking about welcoming the royal to the show, presenter Jay Blades (opens in new tab) said: "You’ve got someone from a council estate and someone from a Royal estate that have the same interests about apprenticeships and heritage crafts and it is unbelievable to see that two people from so far apart, from different ends of the spectrum, actually have the same interests."

Tune in to The Repair Shop on Wednesday 26th October at 8pm on BBC One.