King Charles shares his ultimate hack for getting 'perfect' roast potatoes

King Charles shared his special trick for the ultimate roast potatoes

King Charles roast potatoes 0 King Charles smiling, side by side a picture of roast potatoes covered in salt and herbs - after the monarch shares a cooking tip on how to get 'perfect' roast potatoes
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King Charles just shared a very clever hack for getting ‘perfect’ roast potatoes, just in time for Christmas too!

During a special visit to Morrison’s HQ in Bradford, King Charles surprised staff with an unexpected but ingenious cooking tip.

The 76-year-old revealed his trick for getting the ‘perfect’ roast potatoes and it’s a clever take on a classic roasting method that could be a game-changer for Christmas Day!

After being shown an ‘irresistible’ looking beef joint, Charles advised that instead of covering your accompanying roasties in oil before popping them in the oven, to instead use the fat from whatever meat you’re cooking - whether it’s duck fat or beef.

Royal editor for the Daily Mail, Rebecca English shared the clever hack on Twitter writing, “At the Bradford HQ of @Morrisons The King offered his tip for the perfect roast potato (cook them in fat from the joint!) as he smelt an 'irresistible' rib of beef.”

While we know the royal family has a host of chefs, we occasionally receive an insight into their more low-key life and meals. And clearly, culinary skills run in the family, as Mary Berry recently praised Kate Middleton on her baking

King Charles’ visit to Morrison’s headquarters also saw him speak to staff members involved in the chain’s farming and sustainability initiatives, an issue close to his heart and the company's apprenticeship programmes.

King Charles III reacts while chatting with staff at Morrisons about a joint of roast beef and potatoes at the Supermarkets headquarters during an official visit to Yorkshire on November 8, 2022 in Bradford, England.

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Charles then proceeded to delight employees as he shared hopes that they would all be allowed some time off to enjoy the festive season. He said, “Thank you for your wonderful efforts. I hope they let you off at Christmas."

He then went on to express how much he had enjoyed his tour, “It's a great joy to see you all today,” he said before adding, “I had no idea quite how many of you worked here at Morrisons!”

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