Prince George, Charlotte and Louis to take part in unexpected activity if Conservatives get their way

Royal children won't be exempt from a surprising policy

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis
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Prince George, Charlotte and Louis to be treated like any other teen when they turn 18, if the Conservatives are re-elected and get their way.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can now spend a lot more time with their dad, Prince William, thanks to Rishi Sunak announcing a surprise election - Royals are prohibited from working until the results are in. This will give the family time to polish plans for their visit to the budget-friendly holiday hotspot the children have their hearts set on. 

The Royal trio will also have an opportunity to involve their doting father in caring for their pet guinea pigs - these are more than just pets, as experts reveal the important life lessons the adorable additions are teaching the youngsters. However, the election doesn't only mean an unexpected increase in family time, but could have more serious implications for the children when they turn 18, if Rishi Sunak's reform plans come to fruition.

Sunak has announced he will re-introduce National Service, should the Conservatives be re-elected. This would mean 18-year-olds either taking a full-time role in the armed forces for one year, or volunteering within their local community. Voluntary placements are set to take place one weekend every month, involving working with the NHS, police, the fire service, or charities working with older people.

The big surprise to come from these plans? Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will not be exempt, and will be expected to take part in the National Service scheme if it's implemented. This would affect all Royal children eligible for the programme - Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie also have children who would be required to take part, along with Prince Edward’s son James, the Earl of Wessex, who is currently 16-years-old.

"Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis will not be exempt, and will be expected to take part in the National Service scheme if it's implemented."

Spending a year in the military could come naturally for Prince William's children, with a family history of military service. Their grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, completed training at the Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, serving in the British forces during the Second World War. 

William himself spent many years in military service, after entering the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2006. He went on attachment to the Royal Air Force and the Royal Navy, before completing his training as a helicopter pilot in the RAF Search and Rescue Force in 2010.

Prince George has already shown an interest in flying planes and helicopters, according to Hello! The publications reports that at a recent garden party, Prince William told squadron Leader Chrissie Lacey his son is a "potential pilot in the making," with mum Kate previously revealing her little one is "obsessed with planes and wants to become an air cadet".

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