Prince George rivals Prince Louis' Jubilee cuteness with these adorable Wimbledon expressions

Prince George rivalled little brother Prince Louis' Jubilee faces with some great Wimbledon expressions

Prince George Wimbledon expressions
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Prince George rivalled Prince Louis' Jubilee cuteness as his adorable expressions delighted fans during his Wimbledon debut. 

Prince George melted fans' hearts with the adorable expressions he made during the men's singles Wimbledon final.

Sitting centre court in the Royal Box in the sweltering 28 degree weather wearing a suit, shirt and tie would be uncomfortable for most but Prince George proved he's a real professional when it comes to styling out the heatwave when his latest royal duty involves a nail biting sporting event.

All eyes were on the tennis players when Novak Djokovic defeated Nick Kyrgios in the men's final at Wimbledon on Sunday to win his 21st Grand Slam singles title.

But some fans couldn't help but be distracted by Prince George's adorable expressions throughout the match - and they are certainly giving his brother Louis a good run for his money in the cuteness stakes when he stole hearts during the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.

Prince George rivals Prince Louis

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For the tennis final, the Cambridge youngster sat in between his parents - Kate Middleton and Prince William - for the nail biting four set match.

And during the day, Prince George, eight, proved he can be as just as expressive as his young sibling when he gave a series of adorable facial expressions.

It's no secret that Prince George inherited a very specific trait from Prince William after displaying it at the England v Wales Six Nations rugby match back in February. 

Prince George rivals Prince Louis

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And when it comes to celebrating, both Prince George and Prince Louis use their tongues to express joy and delight. While Prince Louis accompanied his tongue sticking with a double fist pump in the air at the Jubilee celebrations, Prince George appears to be a little more reserved at the tennis, sitting still as he rolled his tongue between his teeth. 

Prince George rivals Prince Louis

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One fan tweeted, "Prince George is certainly loving Wimbledon life at the Men's Final 2022 - look at those adorable faces! Prince Louis has definitely has some competition in the cute expressions department! #PrinceGeorge #DukeandDuchessofCambridge #RoyalFamily #Wimbledon."

The brothers prove they can both be left open mouthed by what they see and they use their hands to express the element of shock - with Prince George's appearing more composed while Prince Louis expressed his playful side like a roaring lion.

Prince George rivals Prince Louis

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When it comes to the royal wave, both Prince George and Louis use their left hand, but Prince George appears to be at ease with waving to the crowds on his own while sat next to his supportive father in centre court. Whereas Prince Louis appears to copy his mother Kate to wave as he seems to look on in wonder.

Prince George rivals Prince Louis

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And as with any sporting event, there is moments when you just can't bare to watch the outcome and Prince George covering his face partly with his hands but cannot resist a sneaky peek through his fingers to see what is happening for fear of missing out. 

Prince Louis famously covered his face with his hands during the Platinum Jubilee pageant but unlike his brother, he sits back and completely covers his face as if he is tired, taking a moment out to compose himself. 

And the expressions, like Louis' Jubilee ones, have been turned into memes - going viral online.

Another fan pointed out, "Prince George is trending top for attending Wimbledon and him being the icon for giving meme worthy expressions and then Prince Louis is trending for being THE BOSS BABY he is!"

Looks like great expressions run in the Cambridge family, and with more royal engagements on the cards, we can't wait to see what they do next...

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