Royal fans are desperate for a Kate Middleton and King Charles duet at Christmas carol service

Now that's a royal Christmas present!

Royal fans are desperate for a Kate Middleton and King Charles duet at Christmas carol service
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The Prince and Princess of Wales' upcoming Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey has royal fans desperate for a family duet – featuring King Charles III and Kate Middleton. 

  • Royal fans are hoping that King Charles will join the Princess of Wales for a musical performance at the Royal Family's Christmas carol special on ITV next month. 
  • Prince William and Kate Middleton will host the festive singalong at Westminster Abbey again this December after the princess wowed viewers with her piano skills at last year's event. 
  • In other royal news, the Queen's special talent includes this 'alarmingly accurate' impression.

Royal fans have called on King Charles III to show off his musical skills next month, following the announcement that the Prince and Princess of Wales would host a carol service at Westminster Abbey for the second year in a row. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton's Together at Christmas, which is set to be filmed on December 15, will air once again on ITV on Christmas Eve, after its inaugural event was met with mostly positive feedback from viewers. The upcoming festive event will include a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, who died aged 96 at Balmoral Castle on September 8. 

Last year, Kate Middleton showcased her secret musical talent by playing piano for a poignant duet with Tom Walker. Royal fans everywhere were impressed by the 41-year-old's musical flare, with many taking to Instagram to praise the royal-infused rendition of the Scottish singer's For Those Who Can't Be Here. 


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Leona Lewis and Ellie Goulding, who famously performed at Prince William and Kate Middleton's royal wedding in 2011, also sang at the special event. 

Ever since Kate confirmed that she'd be hosting the carol service again this year, fans have been wondering if the princess will treat viewers to an encore of her stunning performance from eleven months ago. 

"Will the Princess of Wales play the piano again? Please!" one person wrote on Instagram, prompting another follower to reply, "WE NEED THAT." 

Some royal fans have even been speculating that the King himself could make his musical debut at the upcoming concert. 

"King Charles also plays right? Can you just imagine him and the Princess of Wales playing together??" he said. 


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While there are no signs (yet) that His Majesty has any plans to perform, a concert from the monarch isn't beyond the realms of possibility. The 74-year-old is a lifetime lover of classical music, having learned how to play the piano, cello, and trumpet from an early age. 

"I loved playing in the orchestra at Trinity – albeit rather badly,” Charles said in a 2021 interview for the BBC Radio 4 podcast, The Poet Laureate Has Gone to His Shed. “I remember playing in Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony and trying to practice in my room at Cambridge to an old record conducted by Herbert von Karajan, who was the great conductor in those days, in the sixties.

“There was me sitting with my cello and my tuning fork, and I put this thing on, and of course he took it at an incredible lick – you’ve no idea how fast!”.

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