The Queen's secret to her and Prince Philip's lifelong marriage is revealed

The secret to the late monarch's happy lifelong marriage has been revealed by royal expert.

The Queen and Prince Philip on their wedding day, split layout with a more recent pic of the Qiueen and Prince Philip
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The Queen's secret to a happy lifelong marriage to Prince Philip has been revealed by a royal expert.

The Queen and Prince Philip were happily married for 73 years (opens in new tab) until his death (opens in new tab) and a royal expert has claimed the secret to their long married life (opens in new tab) is to be 'madly in love' and that 'tolerance is key'.

Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip on 20 November 1947 - at the time the monarch was just 21 and Philip was 26.

And since they have both been reunited in death - their final resting place (opens in new tab) buried in the royal vault at St George's chapel at Windsor Castle, royal expert Dr Tessa Dunlop has opened up on what she believes is the key to their long marriage.

Speaking to OK! magazine she observed, "I think Philip loved Elizabeth. I’ve never been in any doubt about that. She changed his life. 

"She gave him stability that he never had, she gave him wealth he never had. She gave him a platform he couldn’t have dreamed of. She gave him everything he didn’t have."

The author, who published biography Elizabeth and Philip: A Story of Young Love, Marriage and Monarchy, also claimed that both 'independence' and  'tolerance' were key to the success of couple's enduring marriage and that The Queen was 'very good at giving Prince Philip' space when he needed.

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And Dr Dunlop's 'tolerance' comments haven't come out of the blue. Dr Dunlop referenced a speech Prince Philip delivered on the couple's silver wedding anniversary in 1972, in which he described his wife as having 'tolerance in abundance'.

At the time, during a toast to the Queen at a lunch celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, November 1997, he said, "I think the main lesson we have learned is that tolerance is the one essential ingredient in any happy marriage... You can take it from me, the Queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance."