Unearthed Princess Diana chat reveals Prince William's 'extraordinary' traits - and we totally spot them in his own kids too

Princess Diana said Prince William had these remarkable traits as a toddler

Kate Middleton, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis and Prince William, drop in of Prince William aged 3
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Princess Diana said Prince William had these 'extraordinary' traits at the age of three and we're already seeing them in his own kids too.

Parents put pressure on themselves when raising children - whether it is the mum guilt of worrying they've not spent enough time with their kids or parental burnout of doing too much.

But one thing that parents can't help but do is compare their kids to others - and while some kids have potty training success at different milestones, Prince William was showing 'extraordinary' personality traits as a toddler, according to his mum Princess Diana.

In 1985, Prince Charles and Diana took part in an interview and the late Princess was asked whether she believed Prince William, three, had a “will of his own”. 

The doting mother replied, "He certainly does, he is a typical three-year-old, because I’ve worked with three-year-olds, and he is very enthusiastic about things. He pushes himself right into it.

"He is not at all shy and he is very polite, extraordinarily enough.”

And now that he's older we're already starting to see these traits in his own children.

Kate Middelton, Prince William, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte

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Prince George, 10, showed confidence when he joined his father at public engagements including Rugby, where he took the lead and shook hands with the people he met. Body language expert Judi James noted in the Express, "He’s now adopted a much more confident, assertive style. And instead of waiting his turn, he will often be pre-emptive by stepping up to instigate the greeting ritual.”

Eight-year-old Princess Charlotte has been dubbed the 'standout star' of the Royal Family, she gave a confident message to the England women's football team and just last month it was reported that she had grown into quite a confident young lady. 

Speaking to OK! Magazine, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond shared, "Charlotte strikes me as quite a confident young lady but, with two brothers, she will no doubt be looking to her mother and other women in the family as role models."

Prince William and Prince Harry as youngsters playing piano split layout with Princess Charlotte and Prince George on royal balcony giggling with Kate Middleton and Prince William

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Prince Louis, five, has been seen on more than one occasion expressing himself by waving, pointing and pulling silly faces at public engagements, from the Queen's Platinum Jubilee to The King's Coronation. And on his first day at Lambrook School he appeared confident too. 

Judi James told the Mirror at the time: "Louis might be the youngest sibling but he looks determined to set the tone for the group with this display of confidence, bravery and determination."

Prince William attending nursery and split layout with Prince Louis attending school

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