Princess Charlotte shares a ‘necessary’ bond with mum Kate Middleton that’s stronger than other mother-daughter relationships claims body language expert

The mother-daughter duo 'enjoy being best friends’

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte
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Princess Charlotte and her mum Kate Middleton share a mother-daughter bond that’s stronger than other parental relationships, a body language expert has claimed.

Being a senior member of The Firm, or holding a top-tier place in the royal line of succession can be an incredibly isolating experience. For younger members of the family, and those who have married into their highly public positions, life in the spotlight can take some getting used to. 

But Princess Charlotte has seemingly taken to royal life like a duck to water. Following the death of her great-grandmother the late Queen Elizabeth, she has stepped out for numerous engagements, winning the hearts of the public with her brazen personality and sweet interactions with her brothers, Prince George and Prince Louis.  

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

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The ease of Charlotte's foray into royal life has no doubt been due to the support of her mother, Kate Middleton. The Princess has always been eager to keep her kids out of the public eye as much as she can, allowing them to have as much of a normal childhood as possible while she and husband Prince William introduce them to their duties.

But it's not just Kate helping Charlotte. According to leading body language expert Judi James, Charlotte's close bond with her mother is incredibly important to the older royal as she struggles with the isolating nature of her future position as Queen

"As Charlotte gets older there are some clear signs of not just mother-daughter bonding with Kate but also friendship signals, too," Judi told The Mirror. "It’s not unusual for a mother and her daughter to describe themselves as friends or even enjoy being ‘best friends’ but where Kate and Charlotte are concerned that specific bond might be more necessary than it is for others as being a top-tier royal can be an isolating experience and we all saw how much the late Queen always cherished the unique equality of her mother-daughter bond with Princess Anne.”

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte

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Dissecting Kate and Charlotte's relationship further, the expert added, "Kate is clearly acting as mentor and support for her daughter when it comes to royal events, and as Charlotte’s signs of mirroring her mother increase in terms of her body language and even styling, there are hints that Charlotte will become a source of companionship and support for Kate in the Firm, too."

The royal youngster is already offering practical support to her mother, stepping in during many high-tension royal events, such as Queen Elizabeth's state funeral and King Charles III's Coronation, to keep her brothers in check.

"Charlotte seems to mirror her mother’s signals of calm confidence when they appear together in public and she will also happily be there to nudge George and Louis when it comes to remembering the protocols," Judi explained. 

She even does so at her own expense, with William sharing the day after the Coronation concert earlier this year that Charlotte was 'wiped out' after using all her energy to keep her brothers in line during the exciting event. 

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