Princess Diana's bodyguard: What happened to Trevor Rees-Jones?

Trevor Rees-Jones was the only survivor of the car crash that killed the Princess of Wales

Trevor Rees-Jones in a suit getting out of a taxi
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What happened to Trevor Rees-Jones? Find out where Princess Diana's bodyguard is now and what happened to him after the car crash in Paris. 

Many people today can still remember where they were when Princess Diana died (opens in new tab), an event that shocked people all over the world. 25 years on from her tragic death, her legacy is kept alive by her sons, Prince Harry and Prince William, and her life continues to be celebrated - including in a new documentary (opens in new tab) marking the anniversary of her death.

In the years since her passing, attention has turned to those who knew her in the days before her death, with many wanting to know more about the life of the 'People's Princess'. And just like some have been asking where is Dodi's father, Mohamed Al Fayed (opens in new tab), now, many also want to know what happened to Trevor Rees-Jones, Princess Diana's bodyguard and the sole survivor of the car crash.

What happened to Trevor Rees-Jones in the car crash?

Trevor Rees-Jones was the only survivor of the car crash that killed Princess Diana, and he spent ten days in a coma following the accident. He also suffered profound memory loss, and struggles to remember details from the crash.

At the time, Rees-Jones was working for Mohamed al-Fayed, the father of Princess Diana's then boyfriend Dodi, and accompanied the couple as a bodyguard on a holiday in the summer of 1997. However, following the crash he returned to England and quit his job with Al Fayed, who he claimed put 'intense' pressure on him to recall the details of the crash.

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After regaining his health in his family home in Shropshire, he later published a book in 2000 called The Bodyguard's Story

In 2008, Rees-Jones was called on in an inquest into Princess Diana's death, which found that both the driver, Henri Paul, and the paparazzi contributed to her death.

Trevor Rees-Jones' injuries

Trevor Rees-Jones suffered severe facial trauma as a result of the car crash, breaking every bone in his face. 

Surgeons used old photographs to reconstruct his face with 150 pieces of titanium, and he still bears the scars of the accident today. 

His mother, Gill, said after the operation "His face looked like it had been hit by a frying pan in a Tom and Jerry cartoon — smashed back and flattened."

He also suffered chest trauma and brain injury as a result of the crash.

What did Trevor Rees-Jones say about the crash?

Trevor Rees-Jones said in the inquest into Diana's death that the last thing he remembered of the night was climbing into the car at the Ritz, meaning he was missing around four minutes of his memory before the crash.

He said in and interview three years after the crash "I’m the only person who can tell people for real, and I can’t remember."

Speaking at the inquest, Rees-Jones explained Henri Paul's plan to dodge the paparazzi by driving the Princess and Dodi in one of the hotel's limos out the back.

He said "I wasn’t happy as it meant Dodi would be splitting the security officers, but I went along with it.

“Initially, I had been told that Dodi and Diana would travel without security and I said this would not happen, that I would travel in the vehicle with them.”

Trevor Rees-Jones (left) and Henri Paul (right) photographes through the windscreen of the car right before the crash

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Where is Trevor Rees-Jones now?

In 2021 it was revealed that Trevor Rees-Jones, who is now 54 and calls himself Trevor Rees, is working as the global head of security for pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

His LinkedIn profile (opens in new tab) shows that he is based in Shrewsbury and in the years since the crash has achieved a Post-graduate Diploma in Security and Risk Management and a Master's in Business Administration. It also shows that he has previously worked for the UN, and as the director of international security for oil field service company Halliburton. 

Who is Trevor Rees-Jones' wife?

Trevor Rees-Jones is married to Ann Scott, a teacher from Shrewsbury. The pair got married in 2003.

Rees-Jones was previously married to a woman called Sue, who he split with in the months leading up to the crash.

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