How did Dodi meet Diana? Their relationship is explained ahead of The Crown Season 6

Dodi Al-Fayed was in a relationship with Princess Diana when they both died in a car crash.

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Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed were in a romantic relationship leading up to their untimely deaths, but royal fans wonder how did Dodi meet Diana?

Princess Diana captured people's hearts when she became the Princess of Wales after marrying husband Prince Charles but their 15-year fairytale marriage ended and when Charles and Diana separated her HRH title was removed. But Diana continued to attract attention in everything she did - from her charity work to her impeccable style.

Her journey is captured in The Crown Season six, Part One airs on Thursday 16th November, with Elizabeth Debecki playing Diana and Khalid Abdalla playing Dodi in The Crown cast and it's not surprising that it wasn't long before a would-be suitor came along, and whisked the Princess off her feet.

But it wasn't all plain sailing for the pair, with Dodi's girlfriend Kelly Fisher making allegations about the two in the press and their untimely deaths that have got fans asking when did Princess Diana die? as they see Prince William deal with his 'mother's death' and where she is buried.

We look at how Dodi met Diana...

How did Dodi meet Diana?

Dodi Al-Fayed first met Princess Diana at a 1996 Polo match in Windsor when her then-husband Prince Charles and Dodi were on opposite teams, according to The Independent. A year later, in 1997, Diana was invited by Dodi's father Mohammed Al-Fayed to spend time on his yacht in St Tropez, in the south of France and it's understood that this is when they really got to know each other.

At the time, Diana was reportedly in a relationship with heart surgeon Hasnat Khan, who later told an inquest that Diana had ended their relationship shortly after meeting Dodi, although at the time she denied the Egyptian film producer and the son of billionaire Mohamed Al Fayed was the reason for their split.

In August 1997, Diana returned to the yacht and it is here that Diana and Dodi were photographed kissing, before flying to Paris together. 

Britain's Lady Diana spending holidays with her son Harry near the property of her friend Dodi Al-Fayed in Saint Tropez, on the French Riviera.

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How long were Dodi and Diana together?

Dodi and Princess Diana had only been together for a few months, having only spent a handful of days together before they were both tragically killed in a car crash in Paris, France on 31st August 1997. Having only been together for a short time, there was a lot of interest surrounding their relationship. 

Speaking about filming their final scenes, Elizabeth Debecki teased, "It's quite strange. The images of Diana and Dodi at the Ritz taken from a security camera, it's these images that are imprinted on our collective unconsciousness. So to find yourself replicating them is a very strange experience. Nothing as an actor really prepares you for the layers of emotional ramifications. I experienced that a lot, and I kind of just let it be there. I didn't fight it."

But fans will breathe a sigh of relief to know that the famous Paris car crash that killed Diana and Dodi will not be depicted onscreen due to its great sensitivity.

Mohammed Al Fayed (far left) and Diana, Princess Of Wales (right of Mohammed) are seen in St Tropez in the summer of 1997, shortly before Diana and Dodi were killed in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997

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What was Dodi Fayed cause of death?

Dodi Al-Fayed's cause of death was a result of "gross negligence" on the part of their chauffeur Mr Henri Paul and the Paparazzi, according to the jury in the inquest into Diana and Dodi's deaths. 

Investigations concluded that their driver Henri Paul was driving under the influence of alcohol and prescription drugs, with paparazzi chasing the couple also said to have contributed to the car crash in which the chauffeur-driven Mercedes ran into a pillar in the tunnel under the Pont Alma, and at the time neither Princess Diana nor Dodi were wearing a seatbelt. 

Princess Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed memorial in Harrods

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