‘I’m going to embrace being 60’ Ruth Langsford on remaining optimistic about her latest milestone

It's Ruth's birthday on March 17!
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  • For many, turning 60 can be a daunting time. But someone determined to remain optimistic about the milestone is Ruth Langsford.

    The TV favourite has certainly got a lot to smile about because she’s arguably at the peak of her career – not only does she co-host This Morning on Fridays with her husband Eamonn Holmes, she’s also a regular anchor on Loose Women and has her own fashion range with QVC.

    Retiring isn’t an option for workaholic Ruth, who recently confessed, ‘I think of working a little bit less but I’d not ever think about not working or doing something, because I love what I do.’

    Speaking about turning 60, she said, ‘I’m going to embrace being 60. I certainly don’t feel it. I think age is a state of mind.’ She jokingly added, ‘I’m 60 pounds heavier though!’ Ruth has put her youthful glow down to drinking water and moisturising regularly, especially in the winter – a tip she got from her mother.

    Giving tips for healthy skin, she has said, ‘For me, the first thing is to just moisturise more in winter. Do it more than you think you need to.

    ‘I always moisturise my elbows and hands each night before bed. I always remember my mum putting her hand cream on her elbows.’

    After confessing her hair has also thinned with age, she recently admitted getting hair extensions to thicken her locks. ‘I like it because it does feel thicker,’ she says. ‘My hair’s gone a bit thin with the menopause.’ Ruth also uses hair masks to keep her locks looking in tip-top condition and to stop further thinning. She said,

    ‘So I apply a coconut oil hair mask, a face mask and smother myself in a rich body moisturiser and let all that sink in, while I relax with the Sunday papers and my family.

    ‘I’m far more likely to do it myself at home than rely on salon facials, and I’ve turned Sunday mornings into what I call my home beauty spa.’ And when Eamonn, also 60, cheekily suggested on This Morning that she give up booze, she replied, ‘Never going to happen, I don’t care now, I’m too old to worry.’

    Cheers to that, Ruth!