The Santa Clauses trailer: Tim Allen's Scott Calvin and his son Charlie return in Disney+ series

Fans of the classic film franchise won't be able to resist the 2022 series

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As October draws to a close and the festive season inches closer, Disney+ have excited viewers with The Santa Clauses trailer and the return of some familiar faces.

It's one of those classic Christmas movies on Disney+ that perfectly delivers some 90s festive nostalgia. The original The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen and David Krumholtz debuted in 1994 and was so successful, it led to sequels The Santa Clause 2 and 3. Now fans of the original franchise will be pleased to learn that Allen is back in the Santa seat as Scott Calvin in a new Disney+ series titled The Santa Clauses.

A new trailer dropped October 27, teasing the series start date for November 16. It opens with an older Tim Allen struggling to get down a chimney. As he makes it out and into the living room, a woman on the sofa starts screaming, terrified by the intruder. "Who are you?" she asks, to which Allen replies: "I'm Santa Clause".

"It's different out there. All those kids turned into adults who stopped believing that there was magic. So for the good of Christmas - I'm retiring," a resolute Santa announces. The action then shifts to the Clause family excited at the prospect of a life that's not about Christmas and doing normal things as a family.

We see Santa in a coffee shop ordering a drink to go - but it seems letting go of Christmas and all it's deliciousness (aka his amusing request of Peppermint and cookies) seems harder than Mr Clause thought.

Luckily or unluckily enough for Allen, disaster strikes in the motherland with a new Evil santa threatening to destroy Christmas forever. "I retired too soon. I hired the wrong guy. I've got to go back to the North Pole," a resigned Santa breaks to his family. "Elves are disappearing".

The trailer ends with a montage of the "family who sleighs" back in the North Pole and battling to bring Christmas back - with one hilarious shot showing Mrs Clause (Elizabeth Mitchell) kick an evil Nutcracker soldier.

"nothing else matters but elizabeth mitchell as carol newman kicking a giant toy soldier in the santa clauses," tweeted one excited fan of the trailer. Many took to the social media platform to share their delight at the upcoming release.

"I legit can't wait to watch The Santa Clauses," tweeted one person, with another adding: "I’m gonna need some ppl to talk about this show with bc these movies r my everything where r yall  #TheSantaClauses".

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There was also some discussion and excitement online around the return of Charlie. He played Santa or Scott’s son from his first marriage to Laura in the films and was the whole reason why Scott Calvin embraced his inner Santa Clause to begin with.

According to, a showrunner appearing at the D23 exhibition accidentally confirmed that Eric Lloyd - who played Charlie in the 3 films - would be back for the Disney+ series. "The audience gasped, and Burditt asked if the audience didn’t know that was happening. The cast then laughed, and Tim Allen asked the audience to forget what they had just heard," reads the publication.

The official plot synopsis of the upcoming The Santa Clauses series states: "Scott Calvin is back! After being Santa Clause for nearly thirty years, he’s as jolly as ever. But as Christmas declines in popularity, so does his Santa magic. Scott struggles to keep up with the demands of the job, as well as being there for his family. 

"Upon discovering there is a way to retire from his post, Scott considers stepping down as Santa Clause and finding a worthy successor so that he can become a better father and husband."

The first two episodes of The Santa Clauses are released on November 16, 2022, exclusively on Disney+.

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