This Morning reveal their favourite viral videos for some light relief

This Morning viral videos

To provide a little light relief in what are undoubtedly stressful times, This Morning’s Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby took a look back at the funniest viral videos online this morning, to brighten up your day. 

“Some positive news from China, that no new cases have been reported today. But here in the UK, things are escalating quickly,” Phillip said on This Morning today (Thursday 19 March). 

“We’ve got something to help you temporarily forget your worries, as the This Morning family reveal their favourite viral videos.” 

Joined by some-time This Morning presenter Allison Hammond, the pair laughed along with the best viral videos of all time - and we bet you recognise a few of these classic moments! As Allison Hammond said, “let’s just escape for now”.

The This Morning team’s favourite viral videos 

Jesus Christ Fenton! 

First up was an unfortunate incident involving a man and his dog. While out and about in the picturesque Richmond Park, London, an unsuspecting man’s dog - named Fenton - decides he wants to herd some deer. Hilarity ensues, with his owner chasing after him, calling his name in a more and more exasperated manner.

 Children interrupt BBC News interview - live on air

Who could forget this classic moment, where Professor Robert Kelly, while reporting the housing crisis, was abruptly interrupted by his two children, who curiously wandered into the living room during his (very serious) BBC news interview, rather distracting from his suited and booted professional demeanour.

His wife rushed in rapidly, removing the kids, but not before the situation had descended into chaos. 

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BBC presenter interviews the wrong person 

Dr Phil’s favourite video was another BBC interview situation, showing a man who was accidentally interviewed live on air, in a hysterical case of mistaken identity.

Catch him Derry! An Irish family take on a rogue bat

There’s a bat in your kitchen, what are you going to do? Hide behind the door, if you’re Derry’s wife Maureen. Poor Derry follows the bat around with a tea towel, while his family *cheer* him on, with encouraging words like, “Catch him Derry, he’s making a mockery out of you boy! He’s like Mr McGregor, he’s got no legs left.”

Charlie bit my finger 

We’ve all seen the one when Charlie bites his brother’s finger… Fun fact: these boys are all grown up now, as the video was filmed way back in 2007!

Adele’s gummy bear concert

In the spirit of self-isolation, many are getting creative with what we already have in the house. This TikTock user was ahead of the curve, staging a whole concert using gummy bears last year, with Adele’s ‘Someone like you’ belting out in the background.

We hope that brought a few smiles amidst an otherwise gloomy news day. 

“It’s a tonic - it’s what we need at the moment!” Allison concluded.

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