The most popular baby names for 2016 REVEALED!

Parenting site BabyCentre have released their most popular names of the year...

You might say we're a little obsessed with finding out the most popular baby names, so when some of our favourite baby naming websites released their data on the most popular names of 2016 we couldn't help but take note.

The figures for 2016 come from The Office for National Statistics, which show that Olivia is still the top choice for parents naming their baby girls!

And it seems that the trend is also popular with boys, with Oliver still claiming the top spot of the most popular boys names for 2016.

BabyCentre's top baby names for 2016

Top baby girl names for 2016

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1. Olivia2. Amelia3. Emily4. Isla5. Ava
6. Isabella7. Lily8. Jessica9. Ella10. Mia

Top baby boy names for 2016

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1. Oliver2. Harry3. George4. Jack5. Jacob
6. Noah7. Charlie8. Muhammad9. Thomas10. Oscar

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Bounty Baby Club have also released their top names for 2016 so far, and although the selection are ones you've probably heard before, there are some surprisingly unusual monikers rising through the ranks.

Boy's name Arlo is the most surprising addition - having previously been outside the top 50, it's now jumped up to spot number 6.

A spokesperson for the site explained, 'The new trend in baby names is vowel heavy names, particularly for girls.'

'Male names ending in a softer letter are also becoming more popular, for example names such as Alfie, Arlo, Archie and Harry.'

You can also find out the current top baby names of 2017.

Bounty Baby Club's top baby names for 2016 so far

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1. Isla2. Amelia3. Ava4. Freya5. Evie
6. Olivia7. Esme8. Elsie9. Mia10. Ellie
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1. Alfie2. Oscar3. Teddy4. Harry5. Jack
6. Arlo7. Noah8. Charlie9. Jacob10. Archie

American site Nameberry have also drawn up up their list based on a huge 40 million visits from prospective parents.

From their results, it would appear that the Princess Charlotte effect is waning, as the name dropped to third place behind Olivia and Amelia.

For the boys Ezra is coming out on top, with the rest of the names looking very similar to those popular in 2015 - which again include classics like Henry and Oliver.

But how do their top 10s for 2016 so far look against the previous years? According to our official list of the most popular baby names, 2015's charts were topped by Olivia and Muhammad - does this look like it'll be changing in 2016?

Nameberry's Top baby names for 2016 so far

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1. Olivia2. Amelia3. Charlotte4. Ava5. Isla
6. Arabella7. Aurora8. Adeline9. Penelope10. Eleanor
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1. Ezra2. Asher3. Atticus4. Declan5. Oliver
6. Silas7. Milo8. Levi9. Henry10. Wyatt

Girls' names in the top 100 for the first time in 2016

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1. Amara2. Annabelle3. Anouk4. Freya5. Jade
6. Juliet7. Lily8. Madeline9. Molly10. Pheobe

Boys' names in the top 100 for the first time in 2016

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1. Abel2. Augustine3. Charles4. Elias5. Gideon
6. Hugo7. Isaiah8. Lewis9. Lucian10. Nathan

Are you expecting a little Hector or Atticus?

Top baby name predictions for the whole of 2016

Taking the top spot for the girls is Emi, a traditional choice with an unusual spelling ending in 'i' - a trend which is reflected further down the list with Marni, which comes in at number five and has a similar ending.

Other old-fashioned names on the girls' list include Nora, Beryl, Effie and Adeline.

The boys' list is led by Hector, a Greek name which has been gaining in popularity over recent years - in 2008, there were only 79 Hectors born, compared with 153 in 2013.

Close second comes Atticus, best known for being the name of the protagonist in Harper Lee's classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird (and surely not harmed in the running by the fact the sequel, Go Set a Watchman, came out this year).

Many of the boys' names are also more traditional, with Percy, Stan, Kit and Nelson all making the list - although more modern monikers like Miller and Monroe are included too.

Will these turn out to be the most popular baby names of 2016? We'll have to wait and see...

Top 20 baby names for girls in 2016

1. Emi 2. Nora 3. Astrid 4. Eden 5. Marni 6. Luna 7. Cleo 8. Queenie 9. Cicily 10. Beryl 11. Effie 12. Electra 13. Wren 14. Evangeline 15. Delphine 16. Virginia 17. Pixie 18. Adeline 19. Christa 20. Dottie

Top 20 baby names for boys in 2016

1. Hector 2. Atticus 3. Aspen 4. Otto 5. Devon 6. Nelson 7. Kit 8. Alberto 9. Cairo 10. Colton 11. Huxley 12. Lawson 13. Lochlan 14. Marshall 15. Miller 16. Percy 17. Ziggy 18. Stan 19. Niles 20. Monroe

There's no denying that some of these baby names are absolutely lovely, but do you know what gender baby name you're looking for?

If you haven't had the chance to find out your baby's gender, or even if you don't want to know but would like a little fun, try our boy or girl quiz to take a guess at whether your little bundle of joy will be a baby girl or a baby boy.

Would you chose any of these names for YOUR baby? Or do you think there's another name that's going to be top of the trends in 2016? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!


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