Save 45% on the No. 1 baby thermometer recommended by doctors with this Black Friday deal

Black Friday deals on baby thermometers

During Black Friday weekend, there’s 45% off this thermometer at Amazon - and it's the no.1 thermometer brand recommended by doctors.

Black Friday isn't just about splashing out once a year on the best Black Friday perfume deals or treating yourself to a cheeky Black Friday coffee machine deal. For mums, it's also the time to browse the Black Friday baby deals for a bargain but also to stock up on all-important household and parenting essentials.

With a little one in the house, it pays to keep a decent digital thermometer in your first aid cupboard. Braun is the thermometer brand that 8 out of 10 doctors recommend and there's a decent £25 saving to be made on the Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear thermometer at Amazon in their Black Friday thermometer sale.

This deal captured our attention because of its patented Age Precision technology. Whether a temperature reading 'counts' as a fever or not depends on your age, and this one takes your child's age into account and colour-codes the reading to give you a precise temperature reading and fever guidance. You'll appreciate that if you've ever scrabbled around in the dead of night checking the internet for fever guidance while balancing a thermometer and a poorly baby in your arms.

The Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer with Age Precision has stacked up a full five-star rating with 86% of the people who bought it from Amazon.

One reviewer wrote: 'Absolutely delighted with this product. Having had problems with a so-called competitor's product, purchased this as my little girl had her 8-week vaccinations yesterday and wanted something reliable to monitor her temperature.'

Another wrote: 'A top notch quality ear thermometer. Many hospitals and GPs use them (I had to bring my 10 week baby many times to both places and saw them using it on their patients) so somehow is a way to show it's good quality and recommended by professionals. It's easier to use it when baby is lying down or asleep, but overall very easy to use.'

It also has a patented pre-warmed tip for accuracy - not to mention for your little one's comfort.

Best Black Friday baby deals on thermometers

Braun ThermoScan 7 Ear Thermometer with Age Precision - £54.99 £24.99 (SAVE £25) | Amazon
This infrared ear thermometer with Age Precision technology takes the stress out of checking your baby for a fever. Quick, gentle, and efficient, it's safe to use on newborns but suitable for the whole family.

Other Black Friday thermometer baby deals:

Withings Thermo – Smart Temporal Thermometer - £89.95 £58.45 (SAVE £31.50) | Amazon
This cult baby product gives medical-grade results and syncs automatically with the free Thermo app, where you can track temperature readings, set reminders for the next fever reading, and even add symptoms to get health guidance on your phone.
Tommee Tippee No Touch Forehead Thermometer - £49.99 £33 (SAVE £16.99)
The perfect way to check the temperature of a sleeping child. Hold the scanner up to 4cm from your child's forehead, press the button and the temperature reading will appear within two seconds.
HoMedics No Touch Infrared Thermometer - £39.99£29.99 (SAVE £10)
Ideal for older children and all the family, this no-touch thermometer gives an instant reading. It also has a fever alarm and night mode.
Boots Digital Thermometer with Flexi Tip - £11.99 £5.99 (SAVE £6) | Amazon
With a backlight for easy reading and a flexible tip for comfort, this digital thermometer also has a fever indicator and sounds an alarm if the temperature reading is too high.
Angelcare Happy Seal Baby Bath & Room Thermometer - £19.99 £14.99 (SAVE £5) | Amazon
Brilliant for bath time, use this cute thermometer to check the temperature of your baby's bath water or bedroom. The digital display includes high and low temperature indicators and flashes red if the room or water gets too hot.
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