Disney+ is just £1.99 for a month but you need to be quick

Disney is offering families the chance to save 75% on Disney+ subscription.

Disney+ subscription
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Families can save £6 off a month's Disney+ subscription (opens in new tab) but only if they act fast.

The ever-increasing cost of living crisis means parents are having to cut back on non-essential expenses by looking at ways to save money on TV subscriptions (opens in new tab) and takeaways. 

But when your teenagers can't wait to watch Thor: Love and Thunder (opens in new tab) and you or your partner want to see the She-Hulk: Attorney at Law (opens in new tab) to see if the Marvel show lives up to its promises, you can say yes while saving big on a Disney+ subscription by taking advantage of the streaming platform's special month offer of £1.99.

The offer, which is available to new and eligible returning Disney+ subscribers over 18+ only, ends on September 19th but will give you a month's viewing for a fraction of the usual subscription price, meaning you and the whole family can enjoy watching the very best films and TV shows that Disney+ (opens in new tab) has to offer.

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To take advantage of the £1.99 month offer, a subscription is required but providing you cancel it in time then you won't be charged the usual £7.99 per month subscription fee.

The best time to cancel the subscription is as soon as you have subscribed and are logged in as then you won't forget to do it if you have no intensions of keeping the subscription longer than the offer period.

You can usually cancel the subscription at any time and you won't risk being charged any extra providing it is before the renewal date or the subscription will automatically renew on a monthly basis at the current retail price of £7.99/month until it's cancelled.

It's simple to subscribe, simply pop in your email address, create a password and complete payment details.

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Disney+ opens up a whole host of shows for the whole family and grants access to Hulu platform where you can stream Mike, the Hulu miniseries (opens in new tab) based on Mike Tyson. Or perhaps you' prefer Doctor Strange (opens in new tab) or Season 2 of The Kardashians (opens in new tab).

There is plenty to choose from, simply subscribe and start browsing and set aside some time to binge watch some amazing shows or classic Disney movies.

For further details visit Disney Plus (opens in new tab) online.