Joe Wicks forced to ‘crowbar’ sex with wife Rosie into busy schedule once a week

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  • Joe Wicks has revealed how lockdown with two young children has meant he and his wife Rosie now have to schedule in sex.

    The Body Coach and his wife are parents to Indie, who turns two in July and baby Marley, born at the end of last year.

    And Joe has confessed how their time has been “disrupted” so much in lockdown that he and Rosie are now having to plan in their early nights.

    Speaking on podcast, Made by Mammas, he said: “That time is so disrupted it’s almost like you’ve got to crowbar intimacy into your week. One night a week … If you can go to bed earlier…

    “It allows you to have that time to talk.”

    He added: “You’ve got to get warmed up sometimes, you can’t just jump straight into things.

    “Sometimes, I’ll go to bed with Rosie and we’ll have a really nice chat, we might watch a show […] and you’re suddenly reconnecting.”

    Joe went on to give his best tips for keeping the spark alive, insisting it’s all about the kissing.

    He said: “The minute you stop kissing, you’re in trouble.”

    And it seems Joe already has plans for himself and Rosie to have some private time together once lockdown is over.

    He confessed: “The first thing I want to do is give my kids to my Mum and have two nights in Soho Farmhouse, just to get away from the kids and have some peace and quiet.”

    In the meantime, Joe has confessed he’s just like us when it comes to snacking in lockdown and just can’t stop doing it!

    He told his Instagram followers during a moment of reflection: “I’m disciplined, but during this lockdown I’ve just not stopped eating, I’m grazing, I’m having days where I’m just going to eat whatever I want, I’m going to eat as much as I can then I’m going to the cupboard and eating biscuits, crips and loads of fruit.

    “I’ll eat a whole bag of satsumas for no apparent reason other than boredom, filling those hours in between meals and there’s a lot of time to fill and we often turn to food.”