Kate Middleton looked a little ‘moody’ at Trooping the Colour because she suffers with motion sickness

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  • The reason Kate Middleton looked a little ‘moody’ at the Queen’s birthday celebrations at Trooping the Colour last Saturday, has been revealed.

    Kate is often photographed beaming at events, especially ones attended by her whole family, with three children Louis, Charlotte and George by her side.

    However, this year at Trooping the Colour Kate appeared a little unhappy upon arrival to the celebration of the Queen’s official 93rd birthday.

    It turns out Kate was nauseous from travelling to the celebration in a horse-drawn carriage as she suffers from motion sickness, according to the Sunday Mirror.

    Kate travelled to the event in a vintage coach alongside Prince Harry, Meghan Markle and the Duchess of Cornwall, although arrived not looking her usual smiley self.

    ‘The truth is the Duchess of Cambridge gets very seasick and doesn’t enjoy the rocking motion of carriages,’ a royal source explained.

    The source continued: ‘Worrying she may be ill on such an important occasion as Trooping the Colour added to her stress.

    ‘Protocol meant she had no choice but to go by state carriage.’

    And, this may explain the reason Kate decided to travel by car to her wedding in 2011.

    Last year, the Queen revealed her journey to her 1953 Coronation was unpleasant with a ‘horrible’ two-hour-long journey in a carriage pulled by eight horses.

    So, it seems horse-drawn carriage is not the favourite way for the Royals to travel.

    Kate Middleton moody

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    Despite the rocky start, Kate seemed to have enjoyed herself and was soon smiling pictured alongside her family with little Louis attending his very first Trooping of the Colour event.

    And, after being too young to participate in last years event, Louis delighted Royal fans with his enthusiastic waves and sweet smiles.

    We all know Charlotte has been the top Royal waver in the family till now, and it seems little Louis takes after his big sister.

    Though Kate seems to have been not so happy after her rocky journey, she has had a rather exciting couple of months, travelling to Cumbria on a secret family holiday, and designing a very special woodland garden for the Chelsea Flower Show.