The one simple wet wipe hack every parent should know - thanks to TOWIE star Lauren Pope

"I never knew this"

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Moms are calling ex-TOWIE star Lauren Pope's parenting hack the "best hack ever".

Social media is bursting with helpful hacks to aid everyday life chores of late - from Nancy Birtwhistle's hack for cleaning oven racks to the quick and easy air fryer bagels hack. It seems people can't resist a cheeky tip video - even celebrities.

Case in point? Former TOWIE star Lauren Pope, who took to her Instagram account to post a brilliant hack with her 1.1 million followers. The video gives a simple solution to an issue that irritates many parents when changing their baby's diaper. And several moms have shared their praise for the trick in Lauren's comments section.

"I was today years old when I found out how not to pull out 20 wipes at a time from the pack..." read Lauren's caption. "GAME CHANGER!!! All thanks to Tik Tok and a hairband."

In the video, Lauren begins by showing how she often struggles to get just one wet wipe out of the pack. She goes on to demostrate the solution that she saw in a TikTok video elsewhere.  

"Just use a smallish hair band and wrap it around so it sits alongside the opening of the pack," she explains, fastening the band on the pack. "And now it's just one wipe at a time... Game changer!!!"

Lauren's followers were quick to share their reactions to the parenting hack video. "Whaaaaat. mind blown!" replied one, whilst another wrote: "Yay best hack ever." commented: "I never knew this!!! We are still using wipes now so will try this!!! Thank you". A fellow follower agreed, responding: "Whaaat?? Endless frustration. Need to try asap!"

@sadijane94, was one of Lauren's fans who had tried the hack out for herself and was happy with the results. "I can confirm it works!!" she wrote, tagging two other friends in her comment to pass on the tried-and-tested parenting hack video. 

It's not the only hack video to receive attention online lately. There's the viral TikTok video hack for getting rid of oil stains on clothes. Meanwhile, chocaholics enjoyed an air fryer hack for mini eggs and learning how to cook creme eggs in an air fryer during the Easter period. 

Instagram fans were similarly amazed by a "gamechanger" air fryer hack for poached eggs and foodie nan NannaBea's tip on making Yorkshire Puddings in an air fryer.

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