The "game changer" cleaning hack that removes oil stains on clothes in 60 minutes

You just need this everyday hair product...

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Treat tough oil stains on clothing fast with this TikTik hack that's been hailed as 'life changing'.

These days you can find a hack for pretty much anything. From inspiring lunch ideas (bagels in an air fryer anyone?) to tips to keeping your home looking fresh (this must-try couch cleaning hack) and even parenting 101 tricks (like this simple wet wipe hack from Lauren Pope) - we've become a nation obsessed with hacks that make the everyday tasks a little easier.

The latest viral video comes via TikTok and influencer @Imaanduh, who has over 300K followers and posts on all things beauty, travel and fashion. Racking up over 6.8 million views, Imaan has shared a simple solution to getting oil stains out of clothes - a situation we've all encoutered at least once in our lives.

"This is for my clumsy eaters," reads the video caption. Imaan starts by showing the large oil stain on the middle of her t-shirt after eating dinner. Unfazed, she reaches for a bottle of dry shampoo and starts spraying liberally on the stain in question.

"I let it sit for, like, an hour, right?" she says. "Okay, watch this," she adds, before dabbing and rubbing at the dry shampoo mark with a tissue.


This is for my clumsy eaters 😂

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"Oil Stain? Where?" says Imaan, before declaring: "Dry Shampoo is a hack". The end result is a good as new t-shirt, with no traces of the previous oil spill.

Imaan's comment section was filled with messages of astonishment. "And they say tik tok isn’t educational," wrote one fan, whilst another wrote: "ok but you have quite literally changed my life"

Melanie Marie commented: "I’ve thrown away clothes with oil spots. Life hack for real," thanking Imaan for her trick. One user noted: "And it prob makes it smell good too," clearly thinking about the fragrance many popular dry shampoo options have.

Imaan didn't state which dry shampoo she used, suggesting that the hack should work with any reputable brand. You could keep it cheap and cheerful with Boots own dry shampoo - which sets you back £1.60 or a reasonably priced drugstore version like Not Your Mother's for $6.49. Similarly you could reach for a can of the old faithful Batiste dry shampoo.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original - Clean and Classic (200ml) - $11.49 at Target/£3.25 at Boots

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original - Clean and Classic (200ml) - $11.49 at Target/£3.25 at Boots

Pick up a bottle of the original and best online - and try this cleaning hack at home. 

Not a dry shampoo user? Thankfully one TikTok user commented that "baby powder on oil stains works too!" Apply some of this liberally on the stain to see the same effects.

Imaan was also asked to confirm whether the hack worked on just new stains, or if it applies to older oil stains too. Lei Lari asked: "Does it have to be used right away to remove the oils?". Imaan replied: "No!!! I got a oil stain out on a dress from January".

It's not the only TikTok video to receive attention lately. Another viral hack has been this electric toothbrush cleaning hack that keeps your brush in sparkling condition. Meanwhile, Nancy Birtwhistle shared a hack for cleaning oven racks while you sleep.

Fans were also amazed by an air fryer hack for poached eggs that's been hailed a "gamechanger". Then there's foodie nan NannaBea's tip on making Yorkshire Puddings in an air fryer.

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