Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school has been struck by Coronavirus fears as students are told to self-isolate

Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s school has reportedly been struck by Coronavirus fears.

  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's eldest children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte's school has reportedly been hit with Coronavirus worry.
  • Some children at the school have been told to stay at home and self-isolate after showing symptoms of the deadly illness.
  • This royal news comes after Prince William revealed what his kids got up to over the half term break.

The royal tots attend Thomas’ Battersea school in London, where students have come down with flu-like symptoms, sparking concern they may have contracted the killer virus.

Two pupils, who recently travelled to Coronavirus hot spot Italy, have reportedly been told to stay in self-isolation and are awaiting test results to confirm whether or not they have come down with the Covid-19 virus.

Another pair of students have also been told to stay at home, after coming down with symptoms, such as coughs and fevers.

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However, none of the children at Prince George, six, and four-year-old Princess Charlotte’s £19,000 a year independent school, have been officially diagnosed with the contagious illness.

Meanwhile, various schools across the country have closed amid the health epidemic, after the virus broke out in Italy during half term.

The school is said to have issued a statement on the situation to Spanish news outlet, El Confidencial, saying, “Like all schools, we are taking very seriously the potential risks related to the spread of Covid-19 and to this end we are following the Government's instructions to the letter on infection prevention and case management in which it is suspected that some staff member or students exposed to the virus or showing any symptoms.

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“We currently have a very small number of students who have been evaluated and these individuals currently remain in their homes waiting to receive the results of their exams.

“All parents have been informed and we have maintained regular communication with our school community to ensure that councils are shared and important information circulated.

“Of course, we will preserve the confidentiality of staff and students, and we will not comment on specific cases.”

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