Prince George and Princess Charlotte have started making some old-school crafts with mum Kate

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte have been learning some fun new crafts with mum Kate and it seems they’re as messy as all children!

    Prince George and Princess Charlotte might only be five and three-years-old but they are already trying their hand at lots of hobbies.

    Proud mum Kate recently revealed that Charlotte was a keen dancer, taking after her late grandmother, and she’s previously spoken about her children’s love of sport.

    There’s no denying that Kate adores her children and likes to be as hands-on with them as possible.

    During a visit to Alperton Community School in Brent, London yesterday (5 February) Kate revealed that she’s started doing a new fun activity with the children and it’s a retro classic – papier mache!

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    Yes, Kate made the revelation during a meet and greet with some of the students in an art class.

    The students asked Kate, who studied art history at university, if she enjoyed art when she was at school and she replied: ‘I did, yeah. I loved it. It’s something that I’m loving doing with the children. The papier-mâché! I forgot how messy it was. It’s so messy, but it’s great.’

    Kate is keen for the children to get as creative as possible and thinks it is a fantastic alternative to social media.

    While looks through the work of one of the pupils Kate said: ‘This is what you can do if you don’t use on social media. It’s a fantastic advert. Honestly, it’s really, really incredible.’

    Despite previously joking that George would blame his pencil if his drawing was bad, Kate revealed that he’s had a change of heart when it comes to art.

    She revealed: ‘George found a piece of charcoal in the fireplace and said, ‘Mummy, I’m going to draw a picture.’ That’s what’s so nice, you can do it from all around you.’

    Kate also revealed that she’s keen to get back to tie dying as she watched some students working with wax and fabric.

    She joked: ‘I’m desperate to go back to tie dying! Do you remember tie-dying?’

    We are still yet to see any of George and Charlotte’s masterpieces but perhaps they’ll choose to become artists in the future? We’d love to see the little royals practising their future duties in a papier mache crown or rocking a tie-dye t-shirt…