Prince William reveals heartbreaking exchange he had with Prince George and Princess Charlotte during the school run

Prince William

Prince William has revealed he’s teaching his three children about the issues he raises awareness of in his charity work.

Prince William and Kate Middleton team up with celebrity baker Mary Berry for a Christmas special this evening (16/12), with the royal couple taking Mary to some of their royal engagements.

During the episode, the Duke spoke about how they’re making an effort to teach their three children about important issues, such as homelessness.

The programme sees Prince William and Mary Berry heading to The Passage, a homeless charity in London where he went with his late mum, Princess Diana.

Prince William

Prince William serving dinner at The Passage (Credit: Getty Images)

Speaking about his experience, he said, “It was one of the first places I came to actually. I must have been between eight and 10, something like that. It had a profound impact on me. My mother knew what she was doing with it. She realised that it was very important when you grow up - especially in the life that we grew up - that you realise that life happens beyond palace walls, and that you see real people struggling with real issues."

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This prompted Mary to ask if he was educating Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis about serious issues too.

Prince William responded to this, saying, “Absolutely, and on the school run - I know it sounds a little bit contrite - but on the school run already, bear in mind six and four, whenever we see someone who is sleeping rough on the street I talk about it and I point it out and I explain. And they are all very interested. They are like: 'Why can't they go home?'"

The Duke has been a patron of The Passage since February, and has helped to prepare lunch for the charity’s clients.

His first visit alongside Prince Harry and Princess Diana took place in 1993, and he has made several visits since then.

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