The heartbreaking story behind the sweet gift Princess Charlotte was given during first Christmas walk

Princess Charlotte received a sweet pink flamingo while making her debut on the royal family's Christmas walk, but there's a poignant story behind the gift.

  • Princess Charlotte added an inflatable flamingo to her list of Christmas presents when a royal fan kindly gave her hers.
  • The sweet present had been a birthday present royal fan Ms Clark - who's suffered from cerebral palsy since she was a baby - received from her sister on her 39th birthday.
  • This follows royal news that fans loved this sweet Princess Charlotte moment during the walk.

The little Cambridges - minus Prince Louis - attended the Christmas service at St Mary Magdalene's church for the first time alongside the rest of their family.

Plenty of royal fans were outside the church to greet them, among them Gemma Clark, who brought along her pink flamingo - nicknamed Felicity - along for the ride.

When walking past on her way into the church, Ms Clark - who's suffered from cerebral palsy since she was 15 months old - noticed Charlotte kept turning around for another peek of the pink inflatable.

After the service, the little princess made a bee-line for Ms Clark and Felicity, and was clearly mesmerised by the pink toy - so much so that the lady decided to part with the flamingo she took everywhere so Charlotte could keep it!

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ms Clark said, “Felicity was a 39th birthday present from my older sister, Fran, and she goes everywhere with me.

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"She's like my lucky mascot. But Charlotte kept looking at Felicity and I thought: ‘I wonder if the Princess would like her?’

“So when she came over with Prince George and their parents after the service, I asked her: ‘Would you like Felicity? Her face lit up and she said: "Yes please.’

“I told Charlotte: 'You don't have to call her Felicity if you don't want to; you can call her whatever you want. Then both she and George gave me a hug and I was on cloud nine.

"They were so sweet and it is a moment I will remember for ever as being special. The atmosphere was just awesome."

What a sweet moment!

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