The real reason royal babies are christened so young REVEALED

Royal christenings

Archie is set to be christened next month, at only two-months-old – but why are royal children christened so young?

Meghan and Harry’s first child is expected to be have his special ceremony at St George’s Chapel in Windsor, the same place where the couple tied the knot just last year.

And while that might seem like a very young age, being christened early on is common in the Royal Family.

Prince Louis had his Christening in July last year, less than three months after his birth.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Archie

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Prince George, was christened three months after his July birthday on 23 October 2013.

His little sister, Princess Charlotte, was christened much sooner and only had to wait under two months before she was christened in July 2015.

But turns out there’s a reason why royal babies are christening so young – and it’s all down to their outfit.

The little ones all wear the same Honiton lace christening gown, which is an exact replica of the dress Queen Victoria’s children were christened in – after the original was deemed too fragile for further use.

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Because they all have to wear the same outfit, the christening has to happen before they get too big for it.

Royal commentator Camilla Tominey explained to the Express: ‘That Honiton lace christening gown that has been worn by all royal children.

‘It’s actually a replica of the original dress that Queen Victoria’s children were christened in.

‘But it is the same fit and that is why royal babies will tend to get christened sooner rather than later – otherwise they get a little bit too big to fit in the thing.’

More than 60 royal babies – including all three of Cambridge children, and Harry and William - have worn the gown before.

Providing insight on whether Meghan and Harry will follow royal tradition, Cailla said: ‘They buck tradition a bit but as is ever the case, royal protocol needs to be followed.

‘So, we will expect the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby to be officiating over the Christening.’

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