Vogue Williams shows off baby bump after confessing she feels ‘VERY pregnant’

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  • Vogue Williams is expecting her second child with husband Spencer Matthews, and has been busy showing off her blossoming baby bump.

    The model is due to give birth to her first daughter in July, and has been enjoying the outdoors in lockdown, with her one-year-old son Theodore.

    And on her Instagram Story, she showed herself, little Theo and Spencer on their daily walk in the park, and stopped to pose in her pink maxi dress.

    She looked glowing as she cradled her baby bump for the camera.

    But it comes after Vogue recently confessed she’s struggling to feel good about herself during this pregnancy – which wasn’t something she experienced when she was pregnant with Theo.

    In an honest post, she wrote: “All of a sudden I feel VERY pregnant! I’m trying as much as I can to embrace my changing body but it’s not easy.

    “I feel a lot bigger this time and it’s true what they say, girls make you wider and wowza that water retention is something else.”

    She continued: “I’m also not into having my bump out at all, last time I was all about the crop top and this time I’m not even sure I’ll wear a bikini in the summer.

    “The best thing about a second pregnancy is that you don’t have much time to think about it which actually makes it easier. So Theodore my gorgeous boy, thank you for taking up every second of my day!”

    Earlier this month, Vogue told Lorraine Kelly that her and Spencer’s baby is due at the end of July, and why they decided to find out the gender of their daughter-to-be.

    She said: “I was delighted, yeah. We did a test at 10 weeks because we were so impatient.

    “You can do a blood test and it tells you then, so we found out at 10 weeks. I’ve already got so many outfits it’s getting out of control.”