FOMO made me buy a Shark vacuum cleaner on Cyber Monday - and it CHANGED my life

A woman vacuums the stairs with a Shark vacuum cleaner

A Shark vacuum cleaner can take a family from domestic chaos to domestic bliss. Did you know that? Me neither. Until, on a whim, I snapped one up on Cyber Monday last year. Here's why my cordless Shark is the best thing I've ever bought.

This time last year I had no idea of how my life was about to change. It started when posts about Shark vacuum cleaners being slashed in price for Cyber Monday kept popping up on my social media feeds.

Hoovering is my thing. Don't judge. Some people iron their pants. Others follow apps that tell them which room to clean on any given day. (Between a watch that tells me when to stand up and a car that turns off the radio - whether I like it or not - when I'm reversing, the last thing I need is another thing to tell me what to do.) But hoovering? It's my therapy. Nothing destresses me like furiously vacuuming the stairs. And with two teenagers in the house and a youngster who is partial to a biscuit on the sofa after school - plus two very fluffy cats - my hoover is our most used domestic appliance after my toaster (opens in new tab) and my KitchenAid (opens in new tab).

I wasn't in the market for a new hoover. I've been faithful to my trusty Dyson ever since my husband answered my plea to buy me a hoover for Christmas (opens in new tab) over a decade ago.

A cutout image of a Shark vacuum cleaner

But I'll be honest - I started to suffer from serious FOMO. Maybe I did need a new hoover. Maybe it was time for a change.

And when Mrs Hinch started singing the praises of her beloved Shark cordless hoover, I was done for. Call me easily persuaded but a serious case of hoover inadequacy overwhelmed me.

Tentatively, I asked my husband how he felt about spicing up our life and trying something different. He jumped on board instantly, only later realising we were talking about vacuum cleaners. 'But won't a cordless vacuum cleaner drive me crazy - what if it runs out of battery halfway through the hoovering,' I said, looking for reasons not to go for it.

'We'll get a spare battery, he said,' and I was sold. I took his keenness as a sign that he might keep up with his share of the domestic load with a new gadget to play with.

And lo, the Shark arrived and life has never been the same since.

It was an act of genius to go for that second battery. Yes, the cordless Shark does run out of battery when you're halfway through hoovering the stairs. (Some people might welcome that feature as the perfect excuse to ditch the hoovering. At least you can say you tried.) And have a cuppa while you wait for the thing to recharge.

Me? I skip off to the kitchen where our spare battery lives on charge next to the coffee machine (opens in new tab). Sometimes I treat myself to a latte while I'm there in celebration of my husband's clever thinking.

And then I carry on vacuuming the stairs, a smug glow making me glad I let the FOMO make me do something sensible for once.

But that's not all. What's really changed my life about the Shark vacuum cleaner is a most unexpected plot twist. Everyone in the house now vacuums too. Frequently. I can't really explain it but there's something about a cordless Shark vacuum cleaner that makes you think nothing of picking it up and giving the living room carpet a quick once-over. You don't feel like you're doing housework, you're just giving the Shark a quick spin.

I know. It's absurd to think that plugging in an appliance is that much of a chore that it actually puts you off using it. But in my experience, that's the truth.

And did I mention that my teenagers now vacuum their bedrooms? Every single week. Without ever being asked. It's miraculous.

They don't even complain if I ask them to run the Shark around the kitchen floor. Heck, one teen's friends all took turns at hoovering up the living room after a recent sleepover. And the youngest finds it fun to use the lift-off section to clean the car from time to time.

Now, what life-changing appliance can I snap up this Cyber Monday? I think I'm going for the SodaStream (opens in new tab)...

Cyber Monday Shark vacuum cleaner deals:

Shark Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner [IZ201UK] Anti Hair Wrap - £349.99 £179 (SAVE £170.99) (opens in new tab) Change your life with this cordless Shark vacuum cleaner. But go for the spare battery if 40 minutes run time isn't likely to be long enough for a good vacuuming session. It glides seamlessly over carpets and hard floors with no need to change the floorhead.


(opens in new tab)
Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner with Pet Hair Kit - £399 £188.98 (SAVE £211.01) (opens in new tab)
This is the Shark Cyber Monday deal to go for if you're a pet-loving household. The anti-hair wrap feature is amazing at picking up pet hair without getting you in a tangle. It actively removes hair from the brush roll as you go.

Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner [NV602UK] Lift-Away - £249.99 £159 (SAVE £90.99) (opens in new tab)

Go for this if you're more of a corded vacuum cleaner person. It has different floor settings and an anti-allergen feature, plus lift-away technology for easily cleaning stairs and soft furnishings.


Heidi Scrimgeour
Heidi Scrimgeour

As a parenting specialist, Heidi has written for Prima Baby, Gurgle and Practical Parenting and was baby gear editor of Mother & Baby magazine for six years, looking after regular consumer features for the shopping pages as well as specialist consumer content such as buying guides and gift guides.