Cyber Monday dual air fryer deals: Ninja, Tower, and more offers for 2023

Don’t miss out on these Cyber Monday dual air fryer deals available online…

A collage of the best dual air fryers on sale this Cyber Monday 2023
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From Ninja to Tower, from Salter to Russell Hobbs, here are the best Cyber Monday dual air fryer deals - bag yourself and your family a real bargain this weekend.

Whether you want to update your current air fryer, or you'd like to jump on the efficient cooking air fryer bandwagon with one of our best air fryers for families, Cyber Monday is the perfect time to buy a new machine, especially when you can save yourself some serious pounds in the process. 

Retailers including Amazon, Very, Ninja Kitchen, Currys, and John Lewis, have a range of deals readily available including £80.99 off Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer AF400UK 9.5L at Ninja Kitchen and £80 off Tower 10.4L Vortx Dual Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish Technology at Very

For more Cyber Monday dual air fryer deals, have a look at our highlights below...

Recent updates

This article was updated on 27th November. We checked the prices of all the products featured in the article and updated some of the deals for accuracy.

Where to find Cyber Monday dual air fryer deals

Best Cyber Monday dual air fryer deals

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Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer AF400UK 9.5L £249.99 £169 | Ninja Kitchen

Ninja Foodi MAX Dual Zone Air Fryer AF400UK 9.5L £249.99 £169 | Ninja Kitchen

Save £80.99 on one of the most popular air fryer brands on the market. This high-quality, well-designed machine is perfect for family cooking and with its 9.5L capacity, has the potential to cook for more than 8 people in one go. According to Ninja, you can cook a roast dinner in under an hour in this air fryer. Alongside being an efficient air fryer, you can also use this appliance to Bake, Roast, Dehydrate, Reheat, and Max Crisp.

Daewoo 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer SDA2310 £129 £89 | Very

Daewoo 8L Dual Basket Air Fryer SDA2310 £129 £89 | Very

Save £40 on this Daewoo air fryer complete with two 4L air frying baskets; perfect for dual cooking mains and sides at the same time. Featuring 8 pre-set cooking functions including Fish, Chips, Pizza, Cakes - and Dehydrated fruits, this machine has plenty of versatility to cater to a variety of cooking styles. This easy-to-clean air fryer also features a 6-minute timer and a safety interlock to ensure safe use throughout.

Tower 10.4L Vortx Dual Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish Technology £179 £99 | Very

Tower 10.4L Vortx Dual Basket Air Fryer with Smart Finish Technology £179 £99 | Very

Save £80 on this 10.4L Tower air fryer. This big air fryer is certainly a great choice for large families with a 5.2L capacity in each drawer. The duo basket technology in this machine allows you to sync the drawers to finish cooking at the same time, as well as enabling you to set the baskets to work independently with separate timers. Maximum cooking temperature is 300C. This air fryer features a 60-minute timer and digital touch panel. 

Salter EK4750BLK Dual Air Fryer XL Family 7.4L - £160 £89.99 | Currys

Salter EK4750BLK Dual Air Fryer XL Family 7.4L - £160 £89.99 | Currys

Save £70 on this dual-basket air fryer from Salter. This 7.4L model has been tried and tested by our Money Editor, Sarah, who said it was the ideal air fryer for big families as it has a large capacity in each drawer, is easy to clean, includes a range of cooking options and the sync setting was very useful at dinner time. It's certainly not the smallest air fryer on the market so you will need adequate kitchen space to house it. A sleek design with easy touchscreen buttons. The maximum temperature for this air fryer is 210C.

Tower Vortx Dual Basket Air Fryer 8L - £149 £99 | Very

Tower Vortx Dual Basket Air Fryer 8L - £149 £99 | Very

Save a whopping £50 on this dual-basket air fryer by Tower. This epic 8L machine is certainly value for money and has been rated highly among Very shoppers. This air fryer features six preset functions alongside air fryer mode including bake, roast, dehydrate, defrost, and reheat. It’s the perfect option for larger families with two 4L baskets, with a reliable digital touch control panel and overheat safety protection giving you peace of mind when the kids are on the prowl for dinner.

Tefal Easy Fry Dual Zone Digital Air Fryer 8.3L - £179.99 £129.99 | Amazon

Tefal Easy Fry Dual Zone Digital Air Fryer 8.3L - £179.99 £129.99 | Amazon

Save a £50 on Tefal’s popular dual-zone digital air fryer with an 8.3L capacity. This large machine needs a considerable amount of surface space to house but makes a great alternative to your conventional oven as it's much quicker and more efficient. Dishwasher-safe baskets mean cleaning this machine is a breeze, along with nifty press button preset functions. Like most dual air fryers, this one also has a range of different functions including roasting and dehydrating. The maximum temp on this machine is 200C.

Instant Vortex Plus ClearCook Dual Baskets Air Fryer, 7.6L - £169 £129 | John Lewis

Instant Vortex Plus ClearCook Dual Baskets Air Fryer, 7.6L - £169 £129 | John Lewis

Save £40 on the Instant Vortex Plus ClearCook Dual Baskets Air Fryer with this latest deal from John Lewis. This easy-to-use air fryer features six different cooking options including Air fry, Roast, Grill, Bake, Reheat, or Dehydrate and you handily use two options at the same time for the two drawers. The ‘window’ on each drawer makes checking the food during cooking so easy, so there shouldn’t be any burnt food with this model.

Logik L72AFB23 Air Fryer 7.6L - £129.99 £84.99 | Currys

Logik L72AFB23 Air Fryer 7.6L - £129.99 £84.99 | Currys

Get £45 off this straightforward, easy-to-use dual air fryer by Logik with overheat protection ‘cool touch’ handles and stability-enhancing non-slip feet to keep the machine firmly in place on your kitchen counter. The non-stick coating on each basket makes cleaning this model super easy. The sync function on this air fryer allows you to programme both drawers to finish cooking at the same time so food is hot all around when it’s time to serve. The perfect air fryer for cooking frozen food like fish fingers, or chips at high speed. Rated highly among shoppers as a large capacity air fryer perfect for busy families. 

How did we choose the best Cyber Monday dual air fryer deals

Why are the deals above the best, we hear you ask? Well, when it comes to searching for the best deals - yes, it’s about saving as much money as you can, however, it's also about buying something that's worth buying. A high-quality product. 

Now, we here at Goodto try our very hardest to review each and every product we recommend firsthand, however, sometimes that just isn’t feasible. So it’s our job to dig deep into comments and reviews to check what has consistently scored highly from verified shoppers. 

We also choose brands that we have tried and tested in the past; for example, the Instant Vortex Plus 6-in-1 air fryer with ClearCook review our Family Editor, Stephanie Lowe thought that the Instant Vortex air fryer brand was a great value-for-money machine, which is why we’ve searched for Instant Vortex deals during the Cyber Monday sale. We’ve also reviewed other brands such as Tower, Ninja, and Salter. All of which we have recommended similar models above. 

Will air fryers be cheaper on Cyber Monday?

Looking back at the last few years, we can safely say that air fryers will be cheaper on Cyber Monday. November and early December are great times to purchase an air fryer as they tend to be lower than price across a range of different retailers.

Air fryers have been a popular choice among kitchen appliance shoppers come Cyber Monday, and we’re predicting this year, they’ll be just as popular meaning a large amount of retailers will be adjusting their prices to suit. 

To make sure you truly get the best deal on Cyber Monday we’d recommend you shop around, especially if you have a certain brand in mind. That particular brand like Ninja or Instant Pot might be cheaper on their direct website, or on another site like Amazon or Currys for example.

Is a dual air fryer worth it?

Yes, a dual air fryer is a great addition to a busy, family household. It's the perfect kitchen appliance for those looking for a healthier way to cook (without the added oil for example) and a more efficient way to cook food too as air fryers are much quicker to use than conventional ovens, and the majority don’t need to be preheated either. 

A dual air fryer is particularly a good choice come dinner time as you can cook two things in one go and often the machines themselves have larger capacities. The double drawer allows you to cook two things at once; be it at the same temperature for the same duration, or at a completely different temperature, for a varied length of time. For example, you could cook your meat in one drawer, and your veg in the other. Dual air fryer models have the option to ‘Sync’ or ‘Match’ modes which allows you to either duplicate the cooking settings from one drawer to another or sync the drawers to make sure cooking ends at the same time.

On average a dual air fryer costs around £200, however, dual models tend to be much bigger in capacity and size than your standard basket air fryer, they often have more functions and features, and can, due to the double drawer option, cook double the amount of food too, which is where the hefty price tag comes in. 

Is a dual air fryer good for large families?

Yes, they are a great choice. Dual air fryers are perfect for large families. Not only are they bigger in capacity than your average basket air fryer, but they also have the option of cooking two things in one go which means the meat can be cooked alongside the potatoes - and all within less time than the conventional oven.

A dual air fryer is a great option for those who cook for different dietary requirements as the meat option could be cooked in one drawer and the vegetarian option could be cooked in the other so there is no cross-contamination of food. 

Most dual models also tend to include dishwasher-safe accessories and removable parts like the basket for example that can be simply popped in the dishwasher with the usual dinner plates and ready for the next day.

Top tips for buying a dual air fryer on Cyber Monday

The main thing you should do before committing to any new kitchen appliance is research it. Research the top brands, research the different types of machines you can get, and find out as much information about it like reading reviews for example before purchasing. This will ensure that you're super happy with your long-term purchase and it'll be worth the money in the long run.

In terms of buying an air fryer, particularly during the Cyber Monday sales, it's about finding the model to suit your family's needs - and at a bargain price too. Once you've settled on a specific model or design, you will then need to shop around to find the best deal. 

Features and functions

Basket air fryers are much more basic than air fryer ovens - do you want an air fryer that can grill too? A dual air fryer with two drawers? Do you want one that is easy to clean or one that has a pre-set timer? Deciding on the type of machine that you want to commit to is a great idea, it will make hunting on Cyber Monday much easier as you'll have all the knowledge and information you need before adding that particular air fryer to your shopping basket.

Capacity and size

One of the main things to keep in mind when purchasing an air fryer is its size - and not just the size of the machine itself but the capacity. How many people do you need to cook for? Will it feed all of you or will you have to use it twice to get the most out of it? Whatever your decision, make sure you find out more about the capacity of the model before purchasing as well as the overall size of the air fryer to see if it can fit on your countertop or in the cupboard easily. 

Recommendations and reviews

Read as many reviews and talk to friends and family who may already have an air fryer. Getting a first-hand recommendation of a specific brand or type of air fryer is a great place to start and that's where our air fryer reviews and tried and tested buyers guides come in handy - as we’ve actually held, and pressed, cooked in, and unboxed each item to really understand its value and why it's worth buying or not.

Once you've decided on the family air fryer for you, why not pair it with one of the best air fryer cookbooks, as well as try one of our favourite air fryer recipes in your latest purchase too.

And for more on Cyber Monday this year our Money Editor, Sarah, explains everything you need to know about Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday: Which one has better discounts?And for those Christmas shopping, we’ve rounded up the best Cyber Monday toys on sale as well as where to buy cheap LEGO - and why not follow our Live LEGO deals blog for all the latest deals?

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