Marsh family lockdown songs: The lockdown singing family's best tunes

Marsh family singing the latest of their lockdown songs

The Marsh family lockdown songs have been an internet sensation during the pandemic. If you're a fan of the lockdown singing family then you'll be over the moon to hear that they've just released another hit. 

The talented family shared their living room performance of 'Totally Fixed Where We Are' on their YouTube channel, in light of the UK's third lockdown. The song, adapted by dad Ben, is sung by the whole family and makes light of the possible return to school for kids after lockdown.

'Still stuck with all four kids at home until at least 8 March, and watching to see what impact the rollout of vaccines will have, versus the arrival of new strains of COVID-19', the caption for the latest video reads.

'Hopefully we're going to turn a corner soon. In the meantime, we opted to take the mickey out of a classic 80s power ballad. This is our parody version of Jim Steinman's 1983 "Total Eclipse of the Heart" most famously recorded by Bonnie Tyler, which had one of the weirdest music videos ever. It featured lots of disturbing children dancing around a Victorian Gothic hospital in Surrey, so kind of close to home for us...'

All the Marsh Family lockdown songs

The new Bonnie Tyler adaptation is not the first of the Marsh Family lockdown songs. Their first hit was a take on the famous Les Misérables song One Day More. The family found viral internet fame for their version of the song, which included common lockdown complaints.

Although the Marsh family's lockdown songs have made them a hit on social media over the last year, the family have actually been recording songs since at least 2018. Here are some of their best hits from YouTube over the years...

'Have The New Jab' is a version of Jeff Buckley's song 'Hallelujah'. The family recorded the hit when the UK's vaccination plan started to kick off in January 2021:

'Under Pressure' is rendition of Queen's 1981 song and an all-time favourite of the Marsh family.

'Twelve Days of Christmas (Corona)' was a hit in December last year, raking in over 160,000 views.

This song is an adaption of the 1984 Band Aid classic 'Do They Know It's Christmas'.

Ben Marsh adapted 'I Know Him So Well', a song in the musical Chess, to create 'I Know Them All Too Well'. They filmed it on the last day of "a very long lockdown summer".

'A Million Dreams' comes from the 2017 film, The Greatest Showman.

The Marsh family recorded 'Prostectomy Song' in 2018, following children's grandfather's operation. It was dedicated to "all those who have been carrying and coping with other conditions through COVID-19".

This cover of 'Amazing Grace' was recorded by the Marsh family in light of the Black Lives Matter protests happening around the world last year.

Ben Marsh adapted 'Freedom of Life' as lockdown was easing in the UK. It's a twist on the song, 'Rhythm of Life' from the musical Sweet Charity.

'From a (Social) Distance' is the family's take on Julie Gold's 1985 song.

The family recorded 'Do You Hear the People Sing' on May 6 last year. All proceeds from the performance went to the World Health Organisation COVID-19 Solidarity Fund.

This version of 'It Sucks to Be Me' was actually recorded in late 2019, but the family uploaded it to their YouTube channel in April 2020.

'When Will Our Lives Begin' is a parody of a song from the Disney movie, Tangled. The family uploaded it last year for Mother's Day and dedicated it to teachers, the NHS and community heroes.

The first song that the Marsh family put out was a cover of 'One Day More' from the musical, Les Miserables. 

Who are the 'lockdown singing family'?

The Marsh family have been dubbed the 'lockdown singing family' after their first hit, 'One Day More', went viral on social media during the first lockdown.

The family consists of Ben and Danielle Marsh and their four children - Alfie, Thomas, Ella and Tess.

Their hilarious lockdown-themed adaptions of songs, which include everything from 80s power ballads to classic hits from musicals, have racked up millions of views. They've also marked some big milestones over the course of the pandemic, including the rollout of the vaccines, all three lockdowns, school closures and the Black Lives Matter protests last year.

Plus, the family's renditions have garnered attention across the world and even some celebrity followers! Actor Eddie Redmayne, who starts in the film adaptation of Lew Mis and Zara Tindall's husband Mike Tindall are just two of the family's famous fans.

Where do the Marsh Family live?

Along with their dog, Monty, the Marsh family sing their lockdown songs from their living room in Faversham, Kent.

Dr Ben Marsh is a reader in American History at the nearby University of Kent.

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