B&M is selling almost identical UGG slipper dupes for £74 less!

They look super comfy too!
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  • B&M is selling a pair of slippers that are almost identical UGGs at a fraction of the price.

    If the thought of buying slippers that look like your pet freaked you out a bit too much then how about a pair of simple, money-saving slippers with a luxury feel.

    If you’ve always wanted a pair of cosy, tan-coloured slippers but couldn’t bear to fork out £80 for a luxury pair then fear not, as B&M has a version that looks just as good for £74 less.

    The B&M Cuff Mule slippers are on sale for just £6 and they are a dead ringer for the Australian brand UGG’s Scuffette style slipper.

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    ladies tan cuff mule slippers from B&M

    Ladies Cuff Mule Slippers Tan

    If you were to buy the UGG Scuffette II version in Chesnut, it would set you back £80 on their website. But there is more choice of colours online – with a total of eight colours on the UGG website.

    But if you’re happy with the beige tan colour, then the bargain slipper is sure to sell well, so it might be worth checking if they have your size in store next time you pop into your local branch.

    But if the UGG style slippers aren’t your style, how about a pair of personalised slippers instead? The bargain store has pairs of alphabet slippers on sale. They’re either a great gift for yourself or someone you love.

    The store is a popular choice with shoppers looking to save cash when buying like for like products and low value. The retailer recently sent shoppers wild with its bedding range – selling a cute cable knit fleece style.

    Sadly, B&M don’t sell stock online so you’ll have to head out to one of their stores when you do your next essential shop if you want to get your hands on the cosy offerings.

    Happy shopping!