You could save £70 a month by changing this one simple thing in your kitchen

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  • We’re always looking for ways to save a bit of money.

    Especially when you have a family to look after, it always helps to cut costs and figure out ways to save money where possible.

    From planning budget family meals to looking out for the best offers on your household bills, there’s a lot you can do on a daily basis to ease the purse strings.

    But it seems that there’s a simple kitchen trick you can do to save hundreds of pounds a year without even having to try.

    Food waste charity WRAP has estimated that by simply changing the temperature of your fridge you’d be able to save up to £70 a month.

    The charity has revealed that throughout the country most household fridges are set to too high a temperature, which means that food will go off sooner than it should.

    While the Food Standards Agency guidelines state that fridges should be set between the temperatures of 0 and 5 degrees Celsius to keep food in its optimum state, the food waste charity divulged that the average fridge in the UK actually runs at an unsuitably high 7 degrees Celsius.

    kitchen trick to save money

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    ‘Our fridges are often too hot for our food to handle, which means that milk and other food items are going off too soon and getting thrown away,’ Helen White from WRAP’s Love Food Hate Waste initiative told Huffington Post.

    ‘We wouldn’t chuck money in the bin, but the average UK family wastes £70 a month by wasting food that could have been eaten.’

    So by keeping food fresher for longer you’d be able to save up to £840 a year!

    To curb food wastage and keep produce fresh, the Love Food Hate Waste initiative advises that you make sure always to close your fridge doors properly and ensure to cool hot food before refrigerating it.

    So best to keep the little ones away from that fridge door!