This SodaStream Cyber Monday deal is HALF PRICE - and it's GREAT for making cocktails

A Soda Stream machine, now half price for Black Friday at Amazon

This SodaStream Cyber Monday deal is a steal. Amazon has slashed the price of the SodaStream Stream Genesis from £99.99 to just £49.98 and we're a tiny bit excited.

Child of the 80s? Then you need no introduction to SodaStream. Every house had one and the thrill of cranking that clunky orange handle to turn water into fizzy pop never got old.

Now you can introduce your kids to this classic kitchen gadget because it's HALF PRICE.

SodaStream Genesis Sparkling Water Maker Machine £99.99 £49.98 (SAVE £50) | Amazon
Turn tap water into sparkling water at the touch of a button or make your favourite fizzy drink at home - and cut down on the number of plastic bottles you use. Snap up this Soda Stream Cyber Monday deal and pop it under the tree for someone who loves a G&T or a carbonated drink - and watch them fizz with delight.

SodaStream turns tap water into sparkling fizzy magic water at the touch of a button. (Ok, a gas canister is involved but it still seems like magic to me.)

Gone is the retro orange look though. These days SodaStream has a sleek black, space-saving design so it'll look classy in your kitchen beside your coffee machine and your Kitchen Aid. There's no handle to grind either - the snap-lock system holds the bottle in place and makes the magic happen. You can even choose between lightly sparkling water or a full-on fizz fest.

The reviews are glowing. 'I regret not buying this sooner,' wrote one happy customer. 'It’s extremely easy to use and very easy to store away. The fizz is absolutely amazing.'

'Got this as a Christmas gift for the family and they love it,' wrote another reviewer. 'Children (11 and 13) find it easy to use and the first gas cylinder is still going!'

Another difference between this and the old classic is that the flavoured syrups you can add are the real deal. Flavours include 7Up, Pepsi Max and Cream Soda. No more weird-tasting faux Coke. Each 440ml bottle of flavouring makes up to nine litres of your favourite fizzy drink.

But here's the best part. No more buying tonic water for your G&T. You can make your own low-calorie sparkling water using the tonic flavouring. And did you know you can make a mean Gin Fizz cocktail using a SodaStream? Pour yourself a measure of gin, add a drizzle of sugar syrup and top up with your SodaStream sparkling water. Delish.

Don't try putting wine in your SodaStream to make Prosecco though. That goes badly. So I've heard.

The makers reckon SodaStream has serious eco-credentials too. One reusable SodaStream carbonating bottle could save you using up to 1,282 single-use plastic bottles over four years.

That's all the excuse I need to justify snapping up this SodaStream Cyber Monday deal - a Christmas treat to myself.

Heidi Scrimgeour
Deputy Editor

As a parenting specialist for more than 15 years, Heidi has written for most national newspapers and for a wide range of consumer magazines, including Mother & Baby where she was the Shopping Editor for six years, looking after regular consumer features including buying guides and gift roundups.