Mum shares clever kids' party hack for £2.50 a head - and the internet isn't convinced

Mum's clever catering hack to slash the cost of birthday party food

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Throwing a brilliant kids' party doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, finding creative ways to cut costs can make the celebration even more exciting and memorable. 

Not only does it save you some hard-earned cash, but it also encourages you to think outside the box and add a personal touch to the festivities. There’s never been so much pressure surrounding throwing a kid’s birthday party. But affordable activities such as these hilarious kids' party games and easy buffet ideas can help you cut costs and have lots of fun.

With that in mind, we’re sharing @muddlethroughmummy’s brilliant party food hack for kids’ birthday parties, but the internet wasn't convinced...

Sharing the reel with her 51k followers on Instagram, it soon clocked up 66k likes and 550 comments. The caption included a breakdown and read; "How to cater your child’s party for less Would you try this? I’ll share the exact prices paid for everything used:

£7.49 lunchboxes (15pcs)
£2.75 crisps (12 pack)
£2.40 yoghurts (12)
£2.30 cookies (12)
£1.10 bread rolls (12)
£2 fruit
£2.50 Flora
£2 jam
£2.15 ham
£3 cheese
£2.25 sandwich bags (30 in box)
Total: £29.94

I’d love to hear, what items you would include. Personally, I felt for the type of party we’re hosting, this was a lot easier than doing a full buffet, which costs more, takes longer to prepare, and has lots of wastage too. It might not be your preference but I’d encourage you not to fall into the trap of doing what “everyone else is doing” for kids parties; your child’s party is about them, what works for your budget and ultimately, what you’re willing to do, not other people’s expectations."

While some parents commented on how great an idea it was; "I honestly love this idea! Also so much easier to transport if the party is at a venue!" Another wrote; "It's wild that we used to do this back in the 90s and that it went out of fashion. It makes so much sense and is so much more affordable for parents!"


10 Party Boxes | RRP £3.99 | Amazon 

Perfect for an animal-themed party, one buyer said; "Great quality for the price. I had 20 for kids' party food and held the weight including a fruit shoot & apple in each one. Nice designs. Will buy again, to keep for future parties"

This parent said how great it was for allergy sufferers too; "This is a great idea and the best part is if you had a kid in the group with extreme allergies you could communicate with the parents and leave theirs empty and they could bring something to put in it so they could still feel apart of the party!"

Others weren't so convinced, however, with one follower commenting; "This looks like a normal school lunch though. Parties should be fun and exciting." Another said; "Most parents do this at our school, personally I’m not a fan and stick to buffet food that way parents get to enjoy it too. And, I often have children’s siblings come along... so I make sure I have more than enough so nobody is left out..."

This follower loved the idea but made a special request; "Can we start doing this for adult parties too, I need an excuse to have Pombears again".

Remember, the success of a kids' party isn't determined by the amount of money spent but by the joy, laughter, and special moments shared. As @muddlethroughmummy puts it, “Don’t fall into the trap of doing what everyone else is doing - your child’s party is about them, what works for your budget, and ultimately, what you’re willing to do, not other people’s expectations.”

So, embrace the idea of cutting costs, get your creative juices flowing, and prepare for a fantastic, budget-friendly bash that will have the little ones beaming with delight.

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