This mum's simple M&S hack will get you a free bag of Percy Pigs every month

Better still, it will help declutter your wardrobe too!

Percy Pig sweet packets on display
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Sometimes getting something for free, even a little something, can make your day. As the cost of living crisis continues, families are still worried about how to save money

While you may have cut back on non-essentials, lowered your bills by switching providers, or even started a side hustle, inflation is still high and impacting all aspects of family life. If you're finding it hard to make ends meet, you might have also been concerned about how to get free food, as well as trying everything you can to reduce how much you spend.

But if you’ve been cutting back on little treats, then it’s well worth researching how you can still treat yourself without negatively impacting your family budget. Whether it’s finding out how to get free coffee or where you and your family can get a freebie on your birthday, or how to get free Deliveroo Plus, it’s really satisfying when you can find those guilt-free treats - and that's where Percy Pigs come in. 

One mum has shared what is arguably the holy grail of freebie hacks - how to get free Percy Pig sweets from Marks and Spencer. 

 How to get free Percy Pig sweets 

Money blogger Maria, aka @thismumsavesmoney on Instagram, has shared a hack for getting free Percy Pig sweets, and so far the hack has had more than 740,000 views. Better still, this hack can be used every 30 days - that means 12 free packs of sweets a year - and will help to declutter your home at the same time! 

So whether you want a little treat for yourself, or want to treat your little ones, it's a great hack to try.

  1. Download the M&S app and join Sparks
  2. Drop any unwanted clothes (any brand) into the Shwop bin at your local M&S store
  3. Scan the QR code on the Shwop box using your Sparks app
  4. Your freebie will then be added to your Sparks app and you can redeem it at the checkout.

To get the freebie, you’ll need to download the M&S app and join Sparks if you haven’t already. Then simply take any unwanted clothes (they can be any brand, not just M&S) down to your local M&S and pop them in the M&S Shwop bin (this is where you can donate pre-loved clothes for them to be resold, reused, or recycled to prevent them from going to landfill). 

Each bin will have a QR code, so once you have donated your pre-loved items, simply use the Sparks app to scan the QR code and your freebie will be added to your Sparks account, which you can then redeem at the checkout. If you’re not a fan of Percy Pigs, then worry not, you can also use this method to get a free bag of Colin the Caterpillar sweets instead. Remember that terms and conditions will apply. 

Got any M&S branded clothes to donate?

If you find any Marks and Spencer branded clothing while you are decluttering, you can always drop them in the Shwop bin in your local M&S store and get your free Percy Pig bag. But if you take those M&S branded clothes to your local Oxfam directly instead, then you can get a £5 M&S clothing and home voucher in return, which you can spend on anything you like, not just Percy Pig or Colin the Caterpillar sweet treats. 

Selling pre-loved clothes online might also be a suitable alternative to Shwopping, allowing you to ease space pressures on your home and make a bit of extra cash at the same time. 

If you find any old gadgets while decluttering for the M&S Shwop, don’t throw them away. Read our guide on how to sell your old gadgets so you can turn them into cash. 

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