How to make your own North Pole Christmas breakfast

This is THE Christmas tradition to start with your family this December!

North Pole Breakfast

December is the perfect time of the year to indulge in some special Christmas traditions with your loved ones, whether that's making festive memories or treating the kids to a treat or two.

We love discovering new ideas for ways to feel truly festive with the family, and our latest find won't disappoint!

The North Pole Christmas breakfast is the sweetest treat your children could dream of and a lovely way to welcome in the festive season.

You can even combine this Christmas tradition with elf on the shelf, as many families start both of these on the same day as a way to welcome their mischievous festive friend!

What is a North Pole Christmas breakfast?

The North Pole Christmas breakfast is traditionally a complete blow out to celebrate the beginning of the festive season, so prepare yourself for some hyped-up children! To get the whole family really in the Christmas mood it's nice to theme all of the food and decor to look as Christmassy as possible. You can let your imagination run wild with decorations (but don't worry, we have some tips to help you too).

Now, this isn't going to be the healthiest of breakfasts so it's worth reminding your kids that this is a special tradition that only happens once a year, to justify why they get to eat all their favourite foods for breakfast!

Typically families enjoy their North Pole Christmas breakfast on either the first day or first weekend of December, as an introduction to the most festive month of the year. Of course, picking the first weekend of December gives you more time to enjoy your celebrations!

How to decorate your North Pole Christmas breakfast

North Pole Breakfast

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Decorate whatever room you're planning to have your Christmas feast in to give your new tradition a really special feel. Whether you do this as a surprise for the kids or let them help, they will absolutely love it!

Some families like to recreate the North Pole itself and pick icy colours like blues, whites and silvers, and sprinkle snow and silver glitter around. Others prefer a more traditional approach and favour colours like red, green and gold.

What you'll need:

  • Christmas-themed table cloth, napkins and place mats. Disposable paper ones from a discount store will do!
  • Christmas-themed cups and mugs are a must - maybe a new Christmas mug could be an early Christmas present?
  • Christmas-themed plates and bowls. Disposable party plates would be perfect, you could even get plain ones and have fun decorating them yourselves as a family!
  • Confetti and sparkles really add an extra festive touch. Throw snow flakes, glitter, Santa sparkles or any kind of decorative glitter you can find on the table. We're sorry in advance about the state of the carpet!
  • Pop some crackers at every person's place setting for some festive fun before you eat.
  • Balloons tied to the chairs or floating above the table, in festive colours or with a Christmas pattern, will add some wow factor.
  • Add a surprise factor and make a Christmassy door curtain from ribbons or streamers to hang in the door frame of your dining/living room to create an entrance to your North Pole!

What to eat at your North Pole Christmas breakfast

  • Fresh fruit Christmas trees are easy to make, healthy and look so impressive too! Use a polystyrene cone base to pin your fruit in for a classic Christmas tree shape.
  • Make your own very easy, fruit candy canes by slicing up banana and strawberry into little discs and positioning them in a candy cane shape on the plate

  • Strawberry Santas are naughty AND nice! With a dash of cream and edible decorations for eyes, your favourite summer fruit can take a seasonal twist!

  • Christmas cornflake wreaths are perfect because you can give a normal breakfast cereal a special seasonal makeover.
  • Christmas pudding pops are a real treat for breakfast time but look like a real show stopper too! if your little ones don't like Christmas cake you could use a different sponge recipe, the main bit is the decoration.
  • Pancakes piled high starting with the biggest at the bottom make a fun and tasty Christmas tree for the breakfast table, add a little green food colouring and decorate with fruit for extra wow factor!

What to drink at your North Pole Christmas breakfast

North Pole Breakfast

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  • Hot chocolate always goes down well, and by adding squirted cream and white marshmallows you can give it a snowy look!
  • Milkshakes look adorable in little milk bottles, which can be tied with a red or gold/silver ribbon to give it that special something.
  • Normal milk can be passed off as reindeer milk for an easy option.

Are you going to be trying a North Pole Christmas breakfast with your kids this year? Head over to our Facebook page and let us know!


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