Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have to share their latest gift with the new royal baby

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  • Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have a new sibling to play with come April and gifts for the three of them have already starting rolling in.

    The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth to her third child with Prince William next month. Although her exact due date remains a secret, some have suggested it could have a very special significance if it lands on the 23 April because of St.George’s Day.

    Ahead of the new royal arrival, Kate continues to carry out her official duties as a working member of the royal family. Yesterday (6 March) she visited Pegasus Primary School in Oxford. The Duchess was greeted by lots of enthusiastic fans who were excited to see her and her growing baby bump.

    One of the children presented Kate with a gift addressed to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and ‘the new royal baby’.

    Eight-year-old Joyce Mobeka handed Kate the lullaby book and said: ‘You’ve had the practice of singing to your kids.’Prince George and Princess Charlotte will have to share this with their new brother or sister

    Inside the book was a note that said: ‘A collection of stories, poems and lullabies written by the children of Pegasus school.’ It was dated 6 March 2018 to mark the Duchess’s visit.

    Kate was at the school to see the work of Family Works. The charity works in schools to support the emotional well-being of the children and parents who attend the school.

    A group of children from year 6 told Kate about their first hand experiences with the charity and how it had taught them to speak openly about their emotions.
    Kate listened to the children as they explained how the charity helped them

    11-year-old Jodie Brackett was one of the children who explained what role Family Works has in the school.

    Jodie explained that the children have discussions at school during Circle Time so that they can open up.

    She said: ‘It helps us get all our emotions out so we don’t feel all bottled up. You don’t think about it so much. You tell someone, and when you’ve told someone it makes you feel a lot better.

    ‘It helps us focus on our work, and not think about it for the rest of the day. I am so used to sharing my emotions now, because I trust everyone.’