Princess Charlotte and Prince George formed a ‘club’ with the other pageboys and bridesmaids

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  • We are still not over how adorable Princess Charlotte and Prince George looked at their uncle’s wedding on Saturday!

    The little royals fully embraced their special roles as bridesmaid and pageboy and didn’t seem bothered that their little brother Prince Louis missed out on the fun day.

    And it seems that all the little ones involved had a great day, as the father of the twin pageboys Brian and John, 7, and bridesmaid Ivy, 4, revealed.

    bridesmaids page boys behind meghan

    Speaking on Your Morning, Ben Mulroney explained: ‘There was a lot of worry that this wouldn’t get done right, but they’re having so much fun with it.

    ‘And that, to me, was the thing that gave me the most pride was that we didn’t put so much pressure on them that this wasn’t joyful for them. It was pretty darn joyful.’

    The proud father also explained that all the bridesmaids and pageboys have created a close friendship.

    He said: ‘The kids had a chance to get to know each other a little bit at these rehearsals and some get-togethers as well. They sort of came together in a little bit of a “club” before this happened.’

    Parents watching all over the world will have undoubtedly been impressed by how well-behaved all ten bridesmaids and pageboys were on the day.

    There was no room to hide any tantrums or sulks as the world’s media zoomed in on every detail of Harry and Meghan’s special day.

    Even more surprising was the fact that pretty much all the children were smiling during the official pictures from the wedding, released by Kensington Palace on Monday.

    official pictures from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding

    And if you were wondering how they managed to do it, photographer Alexi Lubomirski has revealed his trick – he asked the kids if they liked Smarties and apparently it did the trick!

    He told Reuters: ‘As we were setting up the big family shots, and I was placing The Duke of Edinburgh and Her Majesty onto their chairs, I could hear the kids started crying in the background and there was some chaos.

    ‘And then I heard this magic word behind me that was Smarties, which is obviously an English Candy, much like M&Ms, and they were being bribed with one Smartie here and one Smartie there, so as soon as the kids came onto the set, I immediately just shouted out ‘Who likes Smarties?’, and then everybody hands up, smiles, even some of the adults I think put their hands up, and so that was our magic word of the day, so thank you Smarties.’

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