7 times Robbie Williams and Ayda Field shared a glimpse into their adorable family life - include the moment that made their fans cry

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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field
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Robbie Williams and Ayda Field are parents to four adorable kids - their eldest, Theodora (Teddy), seven, Charlton (Charlie), five, Colette (Coco), who is one, and baby Beau, who is just a few weeks old.

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field married in 2010, after four years together, and welcomed Theodora two years later.

Robbie and Ayda now live almost permanently in Los Angeles, where Ayda, a television actress and Loose Women panellist, is originally from.

The pair are clearly devoted to their kiddos, and Robbie, who is taking part in Soccer Aid 2022, has turned into a doting dad, after admitting that he was 'terrified' of fatherhood.

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Speaking to the Daily Mail, he confessed, “I was always terrified of the responsibility of being a father and being pinned down. But the most surprising thing about being a dad is what you get back.

"You know, I did the sex, drugs and rock and roll for the longest time and it’s a lot of fun. But then a child turns up and you go, right, I’m a grown up now. You are looking at the universe and the universe looks back at you, and it’s going I love you."

Robbie Williams and Ayda Field's best parenting moments

We take a look at the couple's parenting triumphs and fails - from the adorable, to the downright hilarious...

Robbie's on-the-spot lullaby for baby Beau

After welcoming their youngest child earlier this year via surrogate, Ayda posted a sweet video of Robbie singing a lullaby to their baby son - and it looks as though he made it up on the spot.

With some inventive lyrics about drinking his milk, Ayda captioned the video, 'Lullaby...daddy style'.

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An hilarious April Fool's joke on Robbie

Robbie and Ayda's little ones are certainly making the most of life in lockdown, with their eldest kids coming up with a truly ingenious prank for their dad on April Fool's day this year.

Ayda shared a video of the moment they tricked Robbie, with an awful, toothpaste-filled sandwich!

The video shows Robbie biting into the sandwich without suspecting a thing - before realising that it's a little more minty than normal...

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The moment Robbie reunited with his kids after being forced to quarantine

In a moment that melted the internet's hearts this week, Ayda shared the sweetest video of Robbie being reunited with his eldest children, Teddy and Charlton after having to quarantine separately for three weeks.

In the video, we see the excitable kids waiting on the driveway for their dad - and squeal in delight as he approaches up the path.

See the absolutely lovely moment for yourself below...

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Fans were left in bits after watching, with one writing, 'Oooh this made my heart melt 💔💔💔', while another said, 'Wow, tears in my eyes... Really! Stay all safe ! ❤❤'.

Ayda's mid-hike dance party with the kids

The Field/Williams family are all about staying healthy, and Ayda has even taken her little'uns on a hike with her before in LA.

In a sweet video, she even shared how she and her eldest two like to boogie on top of the hills. This is so cute!

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When Robbie helped his youngest daughter to walk

Robbie and Ayda's youngest daughter is called Colette - or Coco for short.

And recently, the couple shared the loveliest video of dad Robbie helping baby Coco as she took some wobbly first steps.

The little'un is seen tottering away whilst holding her father's hand, while Robbie's looks back at the camera and grins. What a lovely moment to capture on camera...

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Robbie's pride in his son's golfing skills

In another video, fans caught a glimpse into the hobbies that the Field/Williams family like to indulge in when they have some spare time.

On her Instagram, Ayda shared a video of their eldest son Charlie perfecting his golf swing. It seems his practise paid off, as he hit the ball perfectly in the clip!

Robbie couldn't hide his pride in his son after the shot, rushing over to give him a hug and kiss. Awww!

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When they made their baby daughter giggle with a Robbie classic

Robbie tried out a little of his old material on his youngest daughter Coco in a sweet video, and it seems the adorable baby loved it!

See below...

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They're one of our favourite celeb couples!

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